Beauty isn’t just an aesthetic factor seen only at a glance. It’s something that comes from within: what we take in influences our body, starting from our skin and making its way to our hair and nails. Ancient civilizations had already understood that super foods – like we call them today – existed in nature – as well as “magic” ingredients with revitalizing properties.

The continual research of these important raw materials is the core business of Deimos Group, a young group founded in 2011, after the acquisition of several companies operating in the life science market. Deimos distributes raw materials for a wide range of markets including cosmetic.

Roberto Garavaglia, business development & scientific manager cosmetics

From the beginning, Deimos Group has shown immense interest and brought an innovative spirit to the trends of the cosmetic market, adopting an extremely dynamic approach and combining concepts like sustainability with regards to both the manufacturing process and raw materials, the circular economy, and the in & out – explains Roberto Garavaglia, business development & cosmetics scientific manager with thirty years of experience in research and development-. It’s precisely this trend that has dictated the development of products with peculiar characteristics that can be used both in a cosmetic and nutritional context, sometimes synergistically, guaranteeing greater activity, efficacy and safety“.

Among the manufacturers represented by Deimos that offer raw materials of this type, Robertet health & beauty division is one that stands out, already noted for decades as a fragrance producer. “The French company that has accumulated in over a century of experience, a high level of know how relative to extraction methods for aromatic substances coming from vegetable sources commonly used in the fragrance world, also applies the same extraction techniques to the cosmetic sector with the aim of obtaining principle active ingredients that are pure, tested, and safe…so much so that they can be used, in some cases, both in the cosmetic and nutritional fields”.

Deimos Group is a young company founded in 2011, which distributes raw materials in various commercial segments including the cosmetics market.

Some important principle active ingredients have been created: Lipowheat, vegetal ceramides from Italian gluten-free wheat with firming, hydrating, and illuminating effects on the skin which are supported by efficacy studies both for nutritional and cosmetic use; Keranat, a millet extract native to France (miliacin) which has demonstrated activity on hair growth tested in vivo.

Then we have the company Aiya, a world leader in the production of Matcha Tea which can be used in a nutritional and cosmetics field and Mastiha, a resin originating from the mastic tree on the island of Chios in Greece which for centuries has been used as a treatment for digestive tract problems and in a cosmetic context to treat oily, problematic skin”.

Deimos promotes products that, thanks to their peculiar characteristics, can be used both in a cosmetic and nutritional context, sometimes in a synergistic way, guaranteeing greater activity, efficacy and safety

Deimos Group’s business is also focalized on the process of upcycling with which it gives new life to waste materials: “The thoughtless and excessive use of available natural resources inevitably results in waste or limitations in supply – emphasizes Garavaglia -. Upcycling represents one of the best possible alternatives to mitigate the excessive consumption of raw materials. In a cosmetic context, the challenge is just as ambitious. Today, there are many products that the market offers: we talk about polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins, essential minerals, fatty acids, anthocyanins, enzymes, phytonutrients, prebiotics and pigments, isolated and obtained from waste or by-products of extraction processes or the manufacturing of nutritional goods. This is how some of the most interesting active ingredients that are part of Robertet’s Upcycling project have been made: UltiMate, CastaNea and Melissa, perfect examples of this philosophy.Ulti’Mate is an active ingredient derived from Yerba Mate, rich in chlorogenic acid that naturally defends skin from atmospheric pollution and with time reduces the skin’s oxidative states and stimulates collagen synthesis. Then there’s Casta’Nea, an active extracted from chestnut shells which contain Castalagin, a polyphenol that acts as a potent ingredient against dark spots and stimulates collagen synthesis”.

In a historical moment in which we’re seeing difficulties in procuring materials that, until recently, were easily available, Deimos has focused on producers of raw material that come from waste products: “This allows us to partially circumvent the obstacle. In fact, we’re able to offer raw materials that are guaranteed to be available via recyclable sources and by eco-sustainable manufacturing processes”.


Deimos is an extremely dynamic company and internally, it boasts staff that is highly specialized both in a technical and sales sense. “In addition to having a strong sales team that is higly competent comprised of professionals that have been operating in their respective fields for decades, the thing that sets us apart is problem solving: our customers are followed and supported throughout the phases of development of a cosmetic project – comments Garavaglia -. What’s more, Deimos is equipped with two laboratories: one for the food sector and another for cosmetics where innovative formulative ideas are developed. Recently, we’ve started a projected linked to the promotion of cosmetic products through themed formula kits that will gradually be on offer periodically. They’ll be simple but extremely avantgarde formulas that will be developed thanks to both the experience of our technicians as well as the intrinsic qualities of our ingredients”.