Ritual is MPlus’s new make-up collection which debuted at the latest edition of MakeUp in Paris. Pulling inspiration from the world of skincare and confirming once again the growing link between skin care and make-up, MPlus interprets make-up as a ritual for well-being built on efficacy, sensoriality, and respect for the environment. If the formulations are high-performing but delicate on the skin and environmentally-respectful at the same time and the textures are delightful to apply, the result is innovative products that are pleasing to the senses and that leave skin feeling pampered. Michela de Frenza, Marketing & Innovation Manager, tells us about the key aspects of the new collection.

How many products is the Ritual line comprised of? 

Six, many of which were intended to be 2 in 1 or multi-function products. Supreme Serum is a 100% natural foundation-serum. The super-light formula, designed to be able to be used alone or mixed with a daily moisturizer, glides onto the face like a second skin and results in a perfect complexion. True Skin Foundation is a 2-in-1 product that combines the coverage of a foundation with the corrective action of a concealer. The result: a rich and natural product that offers coverage and moisturization. The collection also includes three eye products, one of Mplus’s signature, high-performance gems: Volume Booster, a mascara primer that, used with our special fiber applicator, allows for optimal release of the formula onto lashes; Natural Volume, a largely natural-origin based mascara with a silicone brush to give a panoramic effect and Brow&Lash Conditioning Serum, a true strengthening and lengthening treatment. Used daily, this delicate, non-sticky serum makes eyelashes and eyebrows longer and healthier. Last but not least, Gloss Explosion, is an extremely comfortable-to-wear gloss that improves the look and texture of lips that comes with a maxi applicator to give perfect results.

Why did you decide to call this collection Ritual? 

The name of the collection is surely evocative of the concept of make-up being a beauty ritual, but in truth, there’s much more behind this name. With Ritual, make-up becomes a form of attention that we give to ourselves, a holistic path of well-being that includes both mind and body. The products are characterized by hybrid textures and natural formulas, enriched with energizing and functional active ingredients. The colors are subdued, delicate, and almost evanescent while the textures are shiny, multidimensional, and bright. The products are very natural because a minimum of 85% to 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Is it true that the collection was presented for the first time to industry players in Paris? 

Yes, it’s true. Besides, there couldn’t be a better occasion than MakeUp In Paris, the trade show dedicated to innovations in the world of make-up with an attending public that is very attentive to the themes of how natural something is, as well as how sustainable, to present a collection such as Ritual to the beauty world, where performance meets clean formulas. A result that we’ve reached by working really hard on formulations and on using innovative raw materials.

Do you have other trade show appearances planned after MakeUp in Paris?

Absolutely, we’ll be at MakeUp in NY September 14th and 15th and at BeautyWorld Middle East Dubai which takes places from October 31st to November 2nd.