Packaging sustainability and recyclability are some of the key issues that Lumson have incorporated into their mission. In line with this mission, the company has decided to include refills among its launch plans: while the refill solution offers the perfect combination of elegance and function, its most significant quality is its ability to forge interaction with consumers looking for customized, environmentally friendly packaging.

A need that has been felt in the market for some time. While refills have long been endorsed by the food industry and the world of household and personal cleaning products – lining shelves with refillable formats alongside traditional products – the same thing is happening online, a barometer of global trends and consumer sentiment: by 2019, refills were already among the most googled words. So it was about time that the cosmetic industry also started looking in this direction.


Lumson have already embarked on this journey, and have met the market’s demands with Re Place, a glass jar with a refillable system (inner cup). “Re Place – a refill designed by our centre of excellence to be easily removed and replaced – is the perfect answer to the market’s demands. In the new circular design systems, refills are actually an effective solution given their extremely positive impact on the environment, while also encouraging ethical and virtuous habits among more mindful consumers”, explains Matteo Moretti, President of Lumson.

Re Place is the first in a series of refillable systems that the company will be developing and that will be added to its product portfolio.

Moretti goes on to say “For Lumson, redesigning, rethinking new refill systems will become more and more a priority, and Re Place attests to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, without overlooking technical, aesthetic and product protection functions”.

refill lumson re place

An important result for the cosmetic packaging industry and anything but a given. Let’s not forget that, although the drive to investigate sustainable packaging solutions has ramped up in recent years, the road to sustainability is still an uphill struggle for packaging producers because there are objective limits to sustainability tied to the very nature of cosmetic packaging, which is required to deliver on technical, regulatory and aesthetic fronts, and is often made from a combination of different materials, each with its own specific function. 


Lumson, who are longtime champions of circular economy principles – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – applying them to their whole portfolio, have adopted three new key concepts for the refill sector: Re-Think, Re-Gen, Re-Act.

  • Re-Think, rethinking packaging with an ECO-design approach.
  • Re-Gen, to give the glass jar a new life.
  • Re-Act, the consumer plays an increasingly active role and customizes their product by simply replacing the inner cup. The plastic inner cup – which has been specially designed to allow a foil seal to be applied on top – can be easily removed from the jar at the end of its life and disposed of through the recycling chain.

refill lumson re place

Re Place comes in two versions, both 50 ml: with the Deluxe jar, sporting an elegant, classic shape; and Unique jar, featuring rounded lines with a luxe feel. The extra-thick bottom gives the packaging an upmarket look for a Positive Luxury approach. What is Positive Luxury? It’s not just a trend, it’s a new way of conceiving high-end packaging, where aesthetics and opulence are not an end unto themselves, and are instead linked to ergonomics and sustainability.

The components – inner cup and jar – can both be customized with various effects and decorations: from simple but elegant screen printing, to more sophisticated internal coating technology that enhances and adds further value to the lines and thickness of the glass.

A thousand and one ways – and maybe more – to turn Re Place into a unique packaging option, one that echoes Lumson’s identity and character.

re place lumson