Ecompact, the innovative compact case created by Lumson S.p.A in collaboration with Marino Belotti Srl, won the Special Award in the Environment category at Best Packaging 2020 – the “Oscars” of Packaging, the contest sponsored by the Italian Institute of Packaging that selects and awards the best packaging solutions each year.

The 2020 edition, in which the common thread was dictated by environmental and economical sustainability, awarded solutions that stood out in terms of planning, technology, design, and materials.


Matteo Moretti, President of Lumson made the following comment regarding the prestigious recognition given to the Lumson Group:

“We are honored to have received this award that is proof of the Group’s commitment to interpreting and anticipating the needs of the market and the strong push towards sustainable and responsible innovation, an element that has always characterized our industrial footprint and our mission. In addition, the award won today with Ecompact comes a year after we welcomed Belotti into the Group and it’s a testament to the perfect synergy between Lumson’s years of technological and manufacturing expertise and Belotti’s profound technical and creative know-how”.


But what is Ecompact exactly? Ecompact is the first compact case for make-up that unites three key concepts of circular economy into packaging with a classic, minimalist, and ergonomic design.

It allows for both the inner tray as well as the mirror to be separated by the main body of the compact thanks to a simple and intuitive system of mechanical hooks, providing for the opportunity to appropriately recycle each component. Ecompact is made of a monomaterial (including the hinge) and sustainability is also guaranteed by the plastic material that the packaging is made with which can be recyclable, bio-based, or compostable.

The separation of materials allows for the easy removal of the tray which can then be replaced with a new one, resulting in a perfect REFILL CONCEPT. What’s the advantage? Well, it’s two-fold! You can use the compact case and at the same time, reduce the use of plastic. And if all this weren’t enough, the mirror, once separated from the compact, becomes a stand-alone product.

It’s just a further confirmation of the path of sustainability that Lumson has undertaken for some time already. In fact, the company has adopted a series of initiatives aimed at reducing its impact on the ecosystem that involves both its products and manufacturing system.

Following the principles of Circular Economy : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Lumson is committed to developing packaging with the least number of components and the lowest weight possible but with a high “return rate” meaning that solutions are created with the possibility of separating components which, in turn, can give life to new products. Lumson is also committed to using recyclable materials to reduce the amount of waste it generates.  


Ecompact is part of Specchio, one of the projects to receive a financing grant from a call from “Fashiontech- Research and Development Projects for Sustainable Fashion” organized by the Regione Lombardia in support of circular economy and sustainable development.

The project foresees the development of a new generation of products for makeup with heightened focus placed on the concept of sustainability throughout the entire production process.

It was created with the support of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, of which Lumson is an institutional partner, giving its own contribution to seize this opportunity by offering the exceptional skills and knowledge of Politecnico di Milano, led by Prof. Luigi De Nardo, for research and development purposes.

Ecompact is the compact case greener than ever.