The responses to the market changes have been punctual, coming from a company like Pieffe Serigrafia that has been involved in the screen-printing sector for 30 years. Founded in 1990 in Torre Boldone, in 2004 the company moved to Seriate in the province of Bergamo.

Throughout the years, Pieffe Serigrafia has also specialized in the digital sector, offering innovative solutions and using the most modern technology to offer customization services through window decals, photomurals, stickers, plaques, promotional objects in general, and much, much more.

Last but not least, they also offer “3D printing”, a system that generates three-dimensional objects for outsource manufacturing

Cosmopolo has interviewed Fulvio Personeni, founder & owner Pieffe Serigrafia

The market (and everything) have transformed, imposing various changes as a result, is this really the case?

It has certainly changed or maybe simply accelerated certain processes. The first and most significant change that we’ve noticed coming from clients concerns the reduction of waste with a resulting request to decrease average lead times for decorated packaging. The second change involves a push to use modern means of communication.

So Pieffe Serigrafia has also been called upon to respond differently and quickly. Did this require a different approach to organization?

The company is used to giving rapid answers both from the sales point of view and manufacturing and the pandemic has further stimulated this through the reorganization of certain processes. Pieffe Serigrafia is most certainly ready to respond in a positive way to the needs of its clientele.

Speaking of clients, has the relationship with them changed?

Our clients have always been partners with which we forge a strong and long-lasting relationship, but it has never been like this where they are the absolute center of our attention. With them, we share decoration ideas about screen-printing, pad printing, hot or laser pad printing, and mixing the various techniques whenever appropriate to obtain the best solution possible.

Definitely one of your strengths. What are the others?

Our other strengths include flexibility, expertise, experience, and listening and meeting the needs of our clientele.

Is there something that sets you apart that makes you unique, or at least, among the handful that it can be said about?

Our main characteristic is the ability to tackle both niche manufacturing with small lots and samples, as well as large production requirements

What are your medium- and long-term goals?

Our goals include commercial development and reaching a strategic positioning within the supply chain as well as, and especially, continual quality improvement in researching innovative solutions alongside our clientele

What are some goals that go hand in hand with prospects?

To challenge communication strategies, radically changing the usual practices, approvals, and repetitiveness to take up a new dialogue with our clients that is not solely based on meetings and presentations but taking full advantage of new communication technologies.

Innovation remains the key word to face the sudden changes in the market. Will it affect only the manufacturing sector or will it involve other areas as well?

Certainly, the answer is YES. Innovating starting from the thought process, stepping outside the comfort zone of a world that, in some ways, no longer exists. Innovating not only through the possibility to proceed with further investments but also through the purchasing of new technologies. For example, implementing the latest software for management to use. To summarize: yes, we are always innovating, starting with ourselves.

Companies, like Pieffe Serigrafia, are always evolving. Do you also evolve in the environmental point of view?

For us, this side of things is very important: for many years now, our company has been equipped with energy-efficient lighting. In addition, our printing machines use UV/LED technology which has an environmental impact that can be summarized as follows: decrease in energy consumption, zero solvent emissions, increased bulb duration resulting in less waste production, low heat emission, zero ozone emission, and it is mercury-free. The company also has a strict policy for differentiated waste sorting and collection and waste disposal through specialized companies.