LuxePack, the luxury packaging event that gathers manufacturers from around the world, is just a few days away and Italian companies, among the best in portraying the latest trends. will be part of it. Among them is Pibiplast which has been producing makeup and skincare packaging since 1954 and is ready to impress with solutions that embrace the future while combining sustainability, functionality, and inclusivity.

The company that now boasts four production sites (in addition to the headquarters in Correggio (RE), there are production hubs in Tortona (AL), Robbiate (LC), and Campi Bisenzio (FI)) and a turnover of 67 million euros, has always set itself apart for its ability to merge attention to detail with respect for both people and the planet in its innovative product offerings. These concepts are reflected in PibiLab, an exclusive space dedicated to the packaging world for the beauty industry and a meeting point to promote, share, and develop new ideas. Make Up Your Mood, Twisty, Snap&Go, and PibiKind have taken shape in this internal hub for innovation.


Among the most innovative offerings that will be showcased at the trade fair is Make Up Your Mood, a collection now in its third release. It includes a brow fixer and three mascaras (one of Pibiplast’s iconic products) with an aluminum overshell, featuring an alluring, elegant design.

The Make Up Your Mood mascaras, available in three different finishes (glossy, matte, and brushed), and with three different applicator types (Length & Definition, Buildable Volume, and Immediate Volume), represent the epitome of Pibiplast’s expertise: application is immediate and precise and through endless customizations, they enable each brand to express its style and personality to the fullest.

Moreover, thanks to collaborations with various formulation companies, Pibiplast can present customers with complete combinations, inclusive of both product and packaging, with the goal of reducing development times.



Innovation has the power to transform society, industry, and our lives. To innovate means to go beyond what we’re certain of, physical, and cultural barriers. For a manufacturing company, to innovate means offering solutions that meet market demands but that can also improve people’s lives and futures.

This is exactly what Pibiplast did with Twisty: a compact and single-material tottle, with soft and contemporary lines that blend the concepts of inclusivity and environmental awareness. The twist closure and compact dimensions make it ideal for people with reduced mobility or perfect for travel. The pack features an integrated capsule and a dropper dispenser which, with a simple clockwise rotation, retracts once the desired amount of product is dispensed. Thanks to the ‘no spill’ system, Twisty ensures precise and controlled product dispensing and optimal cleanliness of the capsule and bottle.


At LuxePack, Pibiplast will also present Snap&Go, the result of scrupulous strategic and design choices. Snap&Go is an intelligent packaging solution with a snap closure that combines two different products in one pack (e.g., mascara, lip gloss, or brow products). It’s a smart ‘2 in 1’ concept that is highly personalized and customizable, offering flexibility and convenience without waste. By combining two products in a single pack, it allows consumers to buy – and rebuy – only the items they truly need. It offers brands the possibility to unleash their creativity by creating innovative and customized ‘combos’.



Last but not least is PibiKind: the patent-pending injection and blow molding technology that breaks down process barriers. Allowing for a customized textured finish directly from the plastic transformation process that would otherwise be achievable only through painting or other decorative processes, PibiKind guarantees various customizations as demanded by the market, without additional surface treatments or or steps required. This innovative technology makes it possible to combine high product customization, sustainability, and, in the long run, cost reduction, without compromising aesthetics. The benefits are two-fold: PibiKind allows for the unleashing of creativity and the possibility to play with glossy and matte finishes, going beyond the usual limits of decorative options while at the same time, streamlining the production process, making it shorter and more sustainable by reducing energy consumption and waste.

Pibiplast will be at LuxePack 2023, stand RD11 (Ravel pavilion).