very peri

Desio’s latest novelty is a purple contact lens. Not a purple like many others, but the Pantone color of 2022: Very Peri. The brand, a leader in colored contact lenses, has decided to pay homage to the Pantone color and create a contact lens of a periwinkle blue with a delicate red-purple undertone. Result? Purple eyes reminiscent of the legendary ones of Liz Taylor: penetrating, intense, sensual.With all things considered, it’s a safe bet that Very Peri will repeat the success of

Classic Blue, the lens created in 2020 to pay homage to that year’s Pantone color.


Already widely regarded by fashion and cinema, purple in its variations, from wisteria to lilac to the very recent Very Peri, is an iconic and versatile color.

Perfect for enhancing fair-skinned blondes as well as brunettes, it has always been much loved by movie stars and royals. If in more recent times we remember the purple shirts, dresses, suits and coats worn by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – different in style, but sharing the same love for this color – time has handed over to history the extraordinarily glamorous purple looks worn by Lady D in the 90s and still very current today. And if we also combine makeup of the same color with the outfit, the result is truly top.

attitude very peri
Attitude Very Peri può essere realizzata in versione “plano” e con diottrie fino a -8,00 e +4,00.

But let’s come to Very Peri. Not a purple like many others, but a color of its era. A happy fusion of all the qualities of blues and the lively and joyful attitude of the red undertone, Very Peri is “the representation of the zeitgeist of the moment and of the transition we are going through. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and lifestyles change and our real and digital lives merge in new ways. Digital design helps us extend the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new color possibilities. Very Peri shows how color trends in the digital world manifest themselves in the physical world and vice versa”.


In this scenario, in which physical reality and the virtual world merge together and open the doors to new chromatic expressions, Desio has chosen to make this very special violet also the protagonist of the gaze.

Thus was born Attitude Very Peri by Desio, the 2-tone monthly lens that offers intense and deep purple eyes.

The material with which the lenses are made, Hioxifilcon D, ensures UV protection and long-lasting comfort even for sensitive eyes thanks to the high percentage of water content (54%).

The lens pattern is designed to blend with the iris and give the desired eye color with a realistic and very natural effect. The color of the lens is so multifaceted and the design so sophisticated that everyone can wear Attitude Very Peri: for those with light eyes the new lens gives a delicate and bright purple, while on dark or very dark eyes it gives a deeper and more sensual color.

Attitude Very Peri, like all Desio colored contact lenses, is a safe product, ophthalmologically tested, CE certified and approved by the American FDA.

Attitude Very Peri can be made in the “plano” version and with diopters from – 8.00 to + 4.00. Desio colored contact lenses are on sale on the website and in the best optical shops.