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The new dropper is innovative, functional and, above all, 100% sustainable This was the objective set by Zero In Pack – the Eurovetrocap group’s start-up focused on developing green packaging – when it started working on the new mono-material dropper.

An objective well and truly achieved with Parigi 24/410, the dropper comprising two elements made from the same fully recyclable material.

But what exactly does developing a green product mean? It means being part of a virtuous circular economy system, within which spent material is no longer regarded as “simple” waste, and instead becomes a valuable resource for creating new products.

A real-world example of eco design – namely design that takes into account environmental sustainability by recycling packaging and its components at the end of their life and reducing waste, especially plastic waste – the new Parigi 24/410 was developed while still keeping functionality and aesthetics front of mind, being essential elements of a cosmetic product according to Giampaolo Herrmann, CEO of Zero In Pack.

The dropper promises to be a very attractive new entry for the market given the growing demand for this kind of product in the cosmetic field, and now that it has made it through the pilot stage and the patent has been registered, there’s nothing left to do but wait for the product’s market launch, which is expected to take place by the end of 2021.

Giampaolo Herrmann, ceo di Zero In Pack.
Mr. Herrmann, why did you decide to develop a new dropper?

Because, together with pump dispensers, droppers are the most widely used dispensing systems in 15ml and 30ml skincare products, while their use is also growing in foundations and hair treatments.

And then there’s the fact that the market has been in need of more sustainable solutions for some time. Bear in mind that to achieve the required functions, even the simplest commercially available droppers comprise 3 assembled parts made from different materials: cap, pipette and bulb, while for some hi-tech devices, we’re talking about as many as 10 different components. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to recycle these items and achieve truly green packaging. With Zero In Pack, we’ve come up with Parigi 24/410, the first mono-material dropper. Comprising two components made from the same material, it’s innovative and sustainable.

What are the features of the Parigi 24/410 dropper?

The aim was to achieve a 100% recyclable product, a product that would reduce the amount of materials and waste produced, up and down the supply chain, and that would maximise the cost-to-efficiency ratio. And we’ve managed just that. The Parigi 24/410 dropper, with its simple and versatile look, is actually easy to use and can be recycled fully because it’s made from just one material.

The dropper is made up of two components: a rigid PP pipette, which can be made to fit different bottle lengths; and the 24/410 threaded cap, made from PP with a small percentage of EVA to ensure ease of use, serving both as the closure and dispenser.

Can you tell us about the material used?

While the cap is made from a 85% PP and 15% EVA blend, the pipette is 100% PP. Our preliminary estimate, based on a pilot mould pre-production run, shows that on average EVA accounts for 8% of the dropper’s total weight. A percentage that brings it perfectly in line with existing post-consumer recycling regulations. We’re also verifying the industrial feasibility of making the Parigi dropper from recycled post-industrial and post-consumer PP: being able to bring these additional versions to market would definitely be an attractive proposition.

Another new feature also regards the way the product is dispensed. Am I right in saying that the way you draw up and then distribute the formula using Parigi 24/410 is different to “traditional” droppers?

Yes. To dispense the product, you no longer pinch the dropper, you need to press down instead. While this is certainly a change from the way we’re used to handling our cosmetics, we believe it’s fairly easy for any customer to understand and implement. In fact, it gives the product an additional new point of difference.

The new bottles made from virgin and recycled PE that combines aesthetics and sustainability.
Again in line with the sustainability and going-green trend, you recently developed 3-ply bottles made from virgin and recycled PE. Can you tell us about them?

This is a range of new bottles made from virgin and recycled PE that combines aesthetics and sustainability. The bottle’s lining will be made from the virgin material, which will be food grade as it comes into contact with the product. There’ll be a recycled PE core in the middle, which accounts for between 55 and 70% of the bottle’s total weight, while the outer shell will be made from virgin PE to ensure it is up to the high aesthetic standards expected of a cosmetic product.

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