It’s set to be an action-packed autumn for Faravelli, a leading name in the distribution of raw materials. The Milan-based company has a number of new projects in the pipeline, including new services, collaborations and raw materials, which it will be presenting at November’s Making Cosmetics.

Faravelli, who recently launched a communication campaign packing a powerful media punch that reveals a lot about its “new” style, is growing its presence in the cosmetic industry with a philosophy based on quality (in terms of service, raw materials and product) and sustainability. Sustainability, above all, is seen as an all-encompassing value, a commitment backed by real actions and well-considered decisions. Above all, the decision to work with partners – like Provital or Forestwise, to cite just a couple of examples – who share Faravelli’s values and the same commitment to protecting the Environment and People.

Sandro Ballariano, Manager of the Cosmetics Division, has given away a few details to Cosmopolo on what’s new ahead of the coming season, along with an important message: “Taking action to protect the planet and its resources is no longer optional, it’s essential to ensure that we, and generations to come, get to enjoy a future. We’re running out of time: let’s not wait until it’s too late“.

Sandro Ballariano, Direttore della Divisione Cosmetica Faravelli
Sandro Ballariano, Cosmetic Division Managing Director
At last, following a long absence, it’s show time again. Faravelli is set to exhibit at Making Cosmetics: what new projects will you be presenting?  

Making Cosmetics, scheduled to run from 25 to 26 November in Milan, is without a doubt an important fixture on the calendar for people like us who distribute raw materials. This year, above all, we’ll be presenting the new “style” of our company and, more specifically, the cosmetics division, conveyed by the slogan “Behind great satisfaction are always great raw materials”. A message that underlines the central role played by raw materials in creating a quality cosmetic product and in customer satisfaction, as well as the lengths we go to in selecting suppliers and partners who share our values.

At Making Cosmetics, we’ll also be presenting new services to support contract manufacturers and commercial brands, complementing the existing technical service our cosmetics laboratory already offers our customers: we’re talking about drawing up PIFs, challenge testing, heavy metal analyses, and patch tests.


Is it true you’ve also signed new distribution agreements? 

Absolutely. The new entries include: Agieffe, fragrances and essential oils; DJC, oil phase rheology modifiers and alternative preservatives; Forestwise with their butters and oils that support reforestation in Borneo; and Seven Bio Oil, who produce glycerine and propylene glycol .

Let’s talk about another new Faravelli product that will be making its debut at the show: the Capsule Collections produced by your R&D team. Can you tell us about them?  

The Capsule Collections – a term we’ve “borrowed” from the fashion world – are mini collections of cosmetic formulations developed by our cosmetics laboratory. Giovanni Magrini, Laboratory Manager, in collaboration with Federica Servino (sales/technical manager), Anna Ghioni (sales/technical manager), Stefania Dicuzzo (inside sales) and Andrea Zavarise (inside sales), has created a series of formulations in line with specific claims.
Faravelli has always been a strong presence in skincare but, as of this year, we’ve also started promoting ourselves more in the makeup and haircare sector. Each Capsule Collection will focus on a specific segment and will serve to promote our ingredients and give our customers some useful ideas.

Can you tell us something about Provital’s Ethicskin, one of the new ingredients being launched in September that has a wonderful story of ethics and sustainability behind it.

Provital’s Ethicskin is a raw material that tells a story of ethics, tradition, nature conservation and fair trade.

An ingredient that pretty much epitomizes our decision to collaborate with partners who share our same commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Indeed, Ethicskin was developed and produced in collaboration with Mujeres y Ambiente to support local farmers in a number of rural communities in Mexico and improve their means of subsistence. Provital thus ensure that their ingredients are produced ethically and sustainably.

And that’s not all. The active is extracted from Heterotheca inuloides, which is also known as Mexican arnica and used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases mainly associated with inflammatory issues. Its anti-inflammatory qualities have also been proven by science, which has shown that its efficacy is attributable to the action of various molecules, including flavonoids, contained in the flowers.

What type of products is it used in? What are its properties? What products is it used in? In what concentrations?

This is nothing short of a skin-rejuvenating elixir, a water-soluble component for use at a rate of 1.5/2%. Perfect in any formula designed for the face area. In terms of action, Ethicskin is a multi-tasking active with the following properties:

  • Hydrating
  • Barrier effect
  • Improves cell homeostasis
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-glycation
You’ve also started working with Forestwise. What actives do you distribute? How did the idea to work with them come about? 

The decision to forge a collaboration between Faravelli and Forestwise was a mutual one because both of us are sustainability driven. Forestwise – with their longstanding commitment to the fight against deforestation in Borneo – have come up with #RainforestValue: a project through which they’re committed to supporting the rainforests, developing a market for worthy products coming from this area of the planet, and giving the native population the opportunity to protect the forest and its fauna, generating work and income for the locals, preserving fresh water, fresh air and fertile soil.

The Forestwise products we’ve added to our catalogue are: Illipe Butter, Buah Merah Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut oil and Arenga Sugar.

The great thing about this collaboration is that even the simplest/best known product – coconut oil – gives us the opportunity to use a sustainable raw material, coming from a controlled supply chain, that fights exploitation of the indigenous people.

We’re convinced that the need now – and this will only become truer going forwards – is no longer to buy at the lowest possible price, but to buy ingredients that fit in with the “Circular Beauty” concept.

faravelli forestwise

Faravelli reinforces its ethical and sustainable approach by choosing partners who espouse this philosophy. How did your commitment on these fronts come about?  

For us, sustainability’s not a claim, it’s not one of the possible options, instead it’s the only path to securing a future. Not just as a business but, above all, as human beings. It’s important to remember that Overshoot Day (the date when our demand for natural resources exceeds what the Earth can regenerate in those 12 months) is falling earlier and earlier every year. The last year that there was a balance between the resources produced and resources consumed was around 1970.

For our part, as Faravelli, I can say that we have a history of commitment on this front, a commitment we will carry through into the future.

Faravelli Cosmetic Division will be looking forward to seeing you at Making Cosmetics 2021Booth215