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Representing the second-largest beauty market with a 15% market share after skincare (source: Euromonitor 2023), hair care has undergone a radical transformation in the past decade, both in terms of prices and product offerings. Today, the market is divided into shampoo & conditioner (38%), hair styling products (24%), coloring products (22%), and treatments (16%) while the care segments, particularly masks and specific, often holistic treatments, have been gaining more space both on shelves and in daily routines. They’ve redefined hair care, paving the way for new product developments and the entry of new players.

The data confirms the golden age of this category and the dynamism of the market, with nearly 300 brands in Europe alone: between 2020 and 2023, the value of this market segment grew by +11.9 billion dollars, with a retail price increase of over 15% and a CAGR of 4.8%. This growth is attributed to a renewed focus on hair and scalp care with hair becoming an essential aspect of self-care, alongside diet, exercise, and rest. The trend is moving towards holistic products that address the overall health of hair, as well as the mind, and spirit, offering sensory and emotional benefits.

hair care lumson
The new hair care collections by Lumson: Verona and Round

Leveraging its expertise in skincare and makeup where it is a well-established leader, Lumson has decided to enrich its portfolio with three lines dedicated to the hair care world and to do it by providing a complete ‘turnkey’ service including bottles, dispensing systems, decoration, and accessories.

SLIM, VERONA, and ROUND are three comprehensive hair care collections in terms of both materials used and accessories. With 19 solutions available in various sizes, these collections were created to suit different product types present in the market, from serums to masks, and to address the progressive fusion of hair care and skincare (skinification).

SLIM is a well-structured collection with clean, timeless lines. The wide variety of options provides the perfect solution for every need and type of formula. Comprising 9 different bottles ranging from 30 to 400 ml and available in various materials (glass, PET, PE), SLIM is the ideal solution for those seeking elegance and sophistication coupled with functionality and practicality.

hair care
SLIM is a well-structured collection with clean, timeless lines.

Minimalism-inspired solutions with distinctive design and clean lines in sizes ranging from 50 to 200 ml. We’re talking about VERONA, the hair care line consisting of PETG bottles to be paired with both traditional and precision dispensing systems for professional applications focused on the scalp.

Then there’s ROUND, the line dedicated to products more closely linked to nature. The distinctive elements of ROUND bottles include muted colors, a soft-touch finish giving them a particularly smooth feel, rounded profiles that confer a graceful, delicate look, and a wide range of dispensing systems and materials to choose from (glass and PE). The bottles, ranging from 50 to 250 ml, are designed for products that are applied directly to the hair or scalp.