MakeUp in LosAngeles

MakeUp in LosAngeles announces its much-anticipated 2024 edition, promising an immersive experience into the forefront of skincare and makeup innovation. With a fully booked event, the stage is set for dynamic collaborations between brands and industry players.

This year’s edition, set against the backdrop of Feb. 14th, will witness the beauty industry’s vibrant celebration and redefine Valentine’s Day as a unique manifesto where business, happiness, and expertise converge.

New for 2024: the Conscious Beauty Area

Discover responsible beauty at its finest with our groundbreaking new feature: the Conscious Beauty Area, premiering for the first time at MakeUp in LosAngeles.

The Conscious Beauty Area is a dedicated space highlighting suppliers of formulation, full service, packaging, and accessories who share our commitment to sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. We advocate for beauty that not only enhances but also inspires change, promotes informed choices, and contributes to a positive impact on our world.

The Conscious Beauty area will be organized around three major product families, offering an immersive experience to quickly identify the exhibitors likely to meet responsible beauty needs: Natural and Renewable Raw Materials, Ecodesign and Green Chemistry.


New for 2024: Trends On Stage

6 Global Trends Agencies Share Exclusive Insights! For the first time in LA, top agencies and beauty trend experts will also be on hand to share their vision and beauty trends: Spate, Mintel, Nelly Rodi, Trendalytics, Peclers Paris and Beautystreams. Throught workshops and conferences, brands will be able to explore hot topics surch as : “What Consumers Want,” exploring dynamic makeup trends, “Virtuous Beauty” to decode clean and sustainable beauty, “2024 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends,” emphasizing value, wellness, and AI disruption and « Accessible beauty » dealing with diversity, inclusion, for innovative marketing strategies that resonate with consumer desires.

Global Beauty Manufacturers Unite for a Diverse and Varied Offering

MakeUp in LosAngeles’ vibrant atmosphere is attracting manufacturers with unprecedented momentum. This year, the Los Angles Convention Center will host over 140+ international exhibitors, marking a notable 27% increase in new participants such as : CAPSUM, ICC, LIBO COSMETICS CO LTD, INTERCOS, PRISHA COSMETICS, SKINLYS, HNB CORPORATION, STUDIO360LABS among others…. Hailing from 16 countries, including Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States, these exhibitors bring a diverse geographic perspective to their offerings.

With 82% providing skincare products and 95% offering makeup, they will showcase their latest products and innovations, providing an opportunity for brands seeking new solutions in both makeup and the development of their skincare ranges.

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Beauty Stars: The Innovation and Trends Awards 2024

The MakeUp in IT Awards celebrates and champions uniqueness within the beauty world through cosmetic innovation, formulation, full service, packaging, and accessories. As part of the key components of the MakeUp in events DNA, our annual competition highlights innovation and trends praised by the cosmetics industry.

This year for MakeUp in LosAngeles 2024, we are thrilled to unveil that an impressive 44% of our exhibitors actively participated by submitting a diverse range of new products across the four distinct categories.

Within the competition, we saw a total of 109 entries, distributed as follows: 3 in Accessories, 45 in Formulation, 26 in Full Service, and 35 in Packaging. Throughout this collection of products, there is an emergence of fresh trends each year, notably a strong emphasis on sustainability. Additionally, prevalent themes include the innovation of multi-functional and multi-purpose products, as well as inventive packaging solutions and the integration of upcycled ingredients.

The winners in each category will be announced at the Awards ceremony on February 14th at 9.30 am, by our Ambassador Ana Allen.

Alongside the upcoming IT Awards announcement at the Awards Ceremony, Ana Allen, will personally bestow “The Ambassador’s Favorite” award to her preferred product.

All nominated products will be on display at the heart of the show during the two-day event.

MakeUp in LosAngeles

Igniting Entrepreneurship: The Beauty Tank Sparks Innovation at MakeUp in LosAngeles 2024!

Following the tremendous success in 2023, MakeUp in LosAngeles proudly reintroduces the Beauty Tank challenge. This challenge is dedicated to supporting beauty brands right from their inception.

Guided by our esteemed Ambassador, Ana Allen, the Beauty Tank challenge continues to empower beauty brands. Ten finalists, meticulously chosen from a diverse applicant pool, comprise pioneering skincare and makeup entrepreneurs at various developmental stages, from conception to pre-launch. These finalists will showcase their projects ‘Shark Tank’ style, presenting before an exclusive committee and audience, ensuring unmatched exposure and the potential for invaluable partnerships.

In 2023, we celebrated the success stories of TEARandGO (Makeup) and Ki’olal Biocosmetic (Skincare), and in 2024, the Beauty Tank promises to once again spotlight and propel the next wave of beauty industry innovators.

Beauty Talks & Inspiration Bar by Cosmetic Inspiration & Creation

MakeUp in LosAngeles is thrilled to announce the return of its partnership with the international trend forecasting and consultancy agency, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, which will present four Beauty Talks during the event.

Hosted by the agency’s Chief Inspiration Officer Leila Rochet, each talk will feature a specially invited panel of industry insiders who will share their vision and experiences, while deciphering

the key themes for 2024 and beyond. And with innovation at the forefront of everyone’s minds, attendees are also invited to join the Cosmetics IC team at the Inspiration Bar, where they will be showcasing the latest product innovations to hit the worldwide beauty market.

The theme of the agency’s 2024 forecasting report is The Age of Thrill: Desiring the extra-ordinary.

In an era marked by uncertainties and polycrisis, there is a growing demand for emotionally compelling and exhilarating physical experiences, especially with our ever-evolving lifestyles. Consumers are now invigorated by groundbreaking innovations that offer extra-ordinary sensations while elevating performance to unprecedented levels. This trend of seeking thrills is set to influence our perception of beauty, giving rise to a more individual mindset and establishing elevated expectations, propelling beauty into an Elysian* trajectory.” explains Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation.

*”Elysian” refers to something beautiful, blissful, or divine. It often carries a connotation of an utopian or heavenly state. In Greek mythology, Elysium (or the Elysian Fields) was a paradise for the virtuous and heroic in the afterlife. So, using “Elysian trajectory” suggests a path or direction toward a beautiful, ideal, or heavenly state

MakeUp in LosAngeles

For 2024 and beyond, the following four trends were deciphered by the agency and represent the need to meet heightened expectations around performance, creativity and sustainability. Each theme will provide direction and inspiration on how brands can respond to increasingly nuanced consumer behaviors.

#1 Higher Futures – The transformative impact of science-centric approaches on the beauty industry

#2 Transient Utopia – Revisiting the codes of lifestyle

#3 Extra-Vagance – Bringing the extra-ordinary in the everyday

#4 Symbiotic Progress – Adapting for a better future

Embracing the science behind beauty through an inspiring conference program

Embarked upon in the new cosmetic revolution is the exploration and embrace of the science behind beauty at MakeUp in LosAngeles 2024. The program delves into the seamless fusion of technology and beauty, where sustainability takes center stage, and groundbreaking formulations redefine beauty standards. A symphony of elegance and intelligence is promised, ensuring a transformative journey that redefines beauty for brands, consumers, and the planet.

Innovating beauty: biotechnology’s impact on cosmetic product development

  • Krupa Koestline – KKT Consultant
  • Christina Ross – CREDO Beauty

The future unboxed – decoding the dieline 2024 packaging trend report

Beauty uncharted: unlocking & navigating the white space

  • Daniela Ciocan – Access Beauty Insiders
  • Xin Shui – Filterbaby
  • Dan Salain – Arnasi Group
  • David Berkman – Allta International, Inc.

Can revolutionary packaging design solve complex social issues?

  • Joy Hoover – ESŌES

Sustainability 2.0: luxury, tech and science to boost the next generation of sustainable solutions

  • Eva Lagarde – re/sources
  • Anisa Telwar – Anisa International

Leveraging emotional motivators in branding and packaging

  • Sheri Koetting – MSLK
  • Krystine Wilson – VERSED
  • Hal Ethridge – Studio Ethur Ethur

Harnessing diversity and inclusion through accessible beauty for new marketing strategies while tapping into consumers’ desires

  • Eleonora Mazzilli – Beautystreams
  • Terri Bryant – Guide Beauty

Methodology to increase the transparency in your sustainability communications

  • Alexandra Uribe – CO2RAL

High-tech beauty: bridging the gap in communicating cosmetic science

  • Laura Lam Phaure – Lam Phaure Beauty
  • Elsa Jungman – Hello Biome
  • Emanuele Mazzei – Lumson North America

Reducing beauty packaging waste: the real story behind collecting hard-to-recycle beauty material and designing better packaging from the start

  • Carly Snider – PACT
  • Ame Igharo – ULTA
  • Desta Raines – SEPHORA

Inside the brain-skin axis

  • Jeb Gleason-Allured – Allure Business Media
  • Jennifer Raphael – IBG North America

Supply and demand packaging technology: leveraging ai & analytics for emerging brands

  • Akemi Ooka – IBA
  • Dan Li – Shipyard
  • Mark Thomas – Beach House Group

Cleanical collaborations: elevating brand trust with professional partnerships and UGC

  • Ana Allen – AccessBeauty Insider
Show your love contest

The Show is thrilled to announce the Love Contest, a heartwarming addition to this year’s Valentine’s Day. As visitors enter the show, they will receive paper hearts to distribute among their favorite exhibitors. The exhibitor with the most hearts at the end will be honored with the

“Love Contest” trophy and featured prominently in post-event communications. This unique initiative aims to infuse the event with love and celebrate the connection between visitors and exhibitors.

MakeUp in LosAngeles will be held on February 14&15 at the LA Convention Center 2 shows – 1 location: since 2018, MakeUp in LosAngeles has been held in conjunction with Luxe Pack Los Angeles, the premier trade show for creative packaging across all sectors.