Cosmetion is a young company – it was founded in 2018 – but boasts employees with a long history in the world of third-party cosmetics and profound knowledge of the market: from Maurizio Chiesa, son of Roberto Chiesa who invented ‘il Cotto’, to Romualdo Priore, a manager with extensive experience in the sector.

The company is based in the Industrial Park of Romanengo (CR): a large, dynamic hub of over 60,000 square meters, in the heart of the Italian Cosmetic Valley, that hosts industries operating in various sectors.

With a streamlined structure and a market and quality-oriented philosophy, Cosmetion interprets market needs with high-performing and ready-to-market products. In Cosmetion, the past and future intertwine in product offerings that combine craftsmanship, history, and distinctive high-quality style, design, and sustainability. All of these fall under the Made in Italy brand and are part of a company that is forward-thinking while staying true to its roots. We spoke about the past and, most importantly, the future with the Creative Director of Cosmetion, Romualdo Priore.

Your ‘motto’ is ‘People and Customer first.’ Can you explain what that means?

“‘People and Customer First’ means that people, both within the organization and external customers, are the primary focus. This approach places people, whether employees, customers, or stakeholders, at the center of our decisions and actions.

For Cosmetion, this translates into adopting policies that promote the well-being and development of employees, offering high-quality customer service, and focusing on satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. In essence, ‘People and Customer First’ means that our main priority is taking care of the people involved directly or indirectly in the company.

Moreover, there’s attention paid to sustainability and social responsibility, which play a crucial role in our philosophy and hold significant meaning for younger generations, particularly sensitive to environmental and social issues.

In summary, Cosmetion embraces the concept of ‘Customer First’ and expresses it based on the circumstances of the moment, aligning it with the preferences and expectations of future generations influenced by continually evolving social, technological, and cultural contexts.

Cosmetion’s headquarter, in Romanengo (CR), in the heart of Italian Cosmetic Valley. PHoto: A. Annibalini
A somewhat bold question: Why should a brand choose Cosmetion?

I could say: “For the quality of products, sustainability, innovation, the Customer Experience, etc.,” but that’s what everyone says.

Cosmetion invests time and energy in deeply understanding the market and new consumers. This involves analyzing the behaviors of the new generations, monitoring trends, collecting market feedback, and using analytics to better understand needs and preferences.

It’s our job to focus attention on what consumers desire, need, or appreciate, adapting formulas, products, services, and marketing strategies accordingly. This approach not only puts the customer once again at the heart of business decisions but increasingly demands us to think about what is truly necessary.

To summarize, I could say a bit defiantly that we don’t want to be chosen but to be proactive and that our focus is on active listening and responding to needs, rather than just pushing our collections on customers. This approach allows us to adapt more skillfully to changing market expectations and build stronger relationships, not only with customers but also within the Cosmetion team.

What are the main goals you have set for 2024?

I could talk about revenue, but for a young company like Cosmetion, it’s not just about revenue but rather it’s about the key objectives we aim to achieve in the coming years. Objectives that are fundamental to remaining competitive, responding to evolution in the sector, and guiding Cosmetion towards having a new kind of insight and role within the beauty industry.

Certainly, among the ‘next steps’ we’ve set for ourselves, I would mention:

– Personalization and Flexibility: Being able to offer customized products or flexible solutions that adapt to specific customer needs.

– Digitalization and Technology: Leveraging technology to improve production, optimize inventory management, implement more efficient processes, and adopt marketing strategies to better address demands.

– Partnerships and Collaborations: One of our goals includes establishing strategic collaborations with other companies or institutions to access new resources, technologies, or distribution channels, and in doing so, strengthen our presence and influence in the sector. This explains why we’ve chosen to be part of the Cosmetics Hub.

– Value of Internal Resources: Involving human resources so that they can express their individuality to the fullest.

Cosmetion philosophy is to consider the future, once realized, becomes the present and that, over time, it becomes part of the past. PH: A. Annibalini
The first important event in the beauty world will be Cosmopack 2024. Can you give us a sneak peek?

If I were to coin a title, I would tell you that “The future is already past” or “The future is already with us.”

This statement, which might seem a bit enigmatic, means that what we consider the future, once realized, becomes the present and that, over time, it becomes part of the past.

This should not be read with a negative connotation, quite the opposite. Many of the ideas or perspectives we imagine for the future, once achieved, lose their novelty and become part of our experiences. This means that the future is already with us and is continuously in evolution, rapidly transforming into the present and subsequently into the past. It’s a bit like challenging time, the perception of reality, and the temporality of things.

As it relates to products, our philosophy is to revisit what we have already done, delving deeper, enriching it, adapting it to modern times through new trends, and making it newer and cutting-edge.

In your opinion, what are the challenges that the market presents? How can a company like Cosmetion tackle them?

The current market presents several challenges that companies must face to remain competitive. One of the most important is adapting to technological changes to improve operational efficiency. Other critical values include: Transparency and Responsibility; Technology and Diversity; Personalization; Experience and Engagement; Knowledge of new trends; Education and Communication.

In addition, the new generations, such as Alpha and Zeta (born in 2013 and after), will grow up in an increasingly digital, interconnected world focused on personalization. This implies that we must be even more aware and responsive to their needs, offering products and services that reflect their preferences and values.