In the wonderful, fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cosmetics, ROELMI HPC stands out as a beacon of sustainability-based innovation, offering a wide range of cosmetic ingredients with proven efficacy and tested performance. The company’s ambitious goal is to enhance thequality of life through the fusion between science and sustainability

The philosophy as the pillar of ROELMI HPC‘s approach is the upcycling, a concept embraced enthusiastically from the beginning even before sustainability became a priority in the cosmetic market. Alongside biotech research, upcycling is the heart and soul of the company, as it aims to harness natural biological processes that minimize environmental impact while respecting the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Elisa Altieri

Elisa Altieri, Market Manager of Personal Care at ROELMI HPC, affirms: “Our inspiration comes from the vision of a circular economy, and we are committed to building concrete examples of how this is possible.”

On the path towards sustainability, ROELMI HPC has developed various “made in Europe” supply chains that are traceable and highly controlled. For example, by using by-products of olive oil processing that are not intended for food consumption, the company designed high-quality biomimetic molecules, eliminating typical impurities that result from naturally-derived ingredients.

Another notable success as confirmed by the market is the transformation of non-edible parts of citrus and other fruits often discarded from juice and food concentrate production into CytoFruit®, biologically active cosmetic extracts rich in micronutrients and natural phytonutrients.

These solutions not only contribute to the eco-sustainability of the industry but also play a fundamental role in conserving a precious resource such as water.

The cosmetic market is undergoing a rapid evolution with a growing demand for eco-compatible ingredients and products. In this context, ROELMI HPC is at the forefront aiming to meet the increasing demand for sustainably-sourced products tested on biodegradability and have recycled packaging. The adopted eco-design approach to the products meets regulatory, environmental, scientific, and market demands, guaranteeing a constant improvement in products that satisfy the needs of consumers.

“ROELMI HPC – Altieri concludes, – has always been a practical demonstration of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand, improving people’s lives and preserving the beauty of nature.”