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Known for its wide range of stocked warehouse items, Eurovetrocap has stood out in recent years for its ability to make eco-design-based packaging solutions accessible to all brands. From the first standard PET recycled bottle introduced in 2017 to the creation of its Zero In·Pack laboratory dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of packaging, and the release of its eponymous catalog in 2022, the Lombardy-based company is taking another significant step forward in eco-design by launching its ‘new’ Paris dropper.

The dropper is an iconic accessory in the skincare, makeup, and haircare world. That’s why Eurovetrocap has been working on developing a sustainable version for over two years. This achievement shouldn’t be discounted seeing as the dropper, from the simplest to the most technical, is an accessory that until now, hasn’t been very compatible with current recycling and circular design criteria. It’s made up of a minimum of three elements, comprised of heterogeneous materials that are difficult to separate. Therefore, at the end of its usage, it faces obstacles that limit its proper disposal and recycling.


With its final version of the Paris dropper, Eurovetrocap has won the eco-design challenge with a mono-material solution designed for end-of-life recycling. Although other offerings have emerged on the market in recent years, the Paris dropper stands out for its design, different from the traditional pipette dropper as well as the way it’s used. Made entirely of polypropylene, a material that benefits from a well-structured recycling chain in Europe, the dropper consists of three pieces: the pipette, the collar, and the button.

The translucent pipette, features a pencil-shaped tip, ideal for precise application, while the collar, round and wide (32 mm), facilitates with grip and offers a soft touch satin finish.

Finally, the soft and slightly rounded button allows the formula to be easily drawn up and dispensed with a simple press of the index finger. The Paris dropper harmonizes perfectly with 15 and 30 mL makeup glass bottles, creating a simple, sleek, and elegant set.

dropper parigi

In the standard stocked versions, the dropper is available in white and black with a translucent pipette. Upping the eco-design level, the black version is offered with a collar made from recycled PP (approximately 30% of the dropper’s weight) and uses a masterbatch free of carbon black, making it detectable by infrared rays during plastic sorting.

Beyond the standard versions, the dropper can be customized in endless combinations by varying the colors of the collar, pipette, and button to ensure the closest match to the color schemes of brands that want to use it.

A pioneer in its category, the Paris dropper represents the meeting point of design, functionality, and circularity. It passes the test of sustainability and functionality with flying colors!

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Outer collar

The outer collar in PP has a textured finish (without a glossy rim). It holds the button, inserted at the top, and the pipette. The collar, round and wide (32 mm), facilitates grip and offers a satin finish that is pleasing to the touch.


The button, with a textured finish, has a curved shape and is very flexible. The top is flat, with a contrasting glossy finish to indicate where to press.


The PP pipette has a slightly conical shape and a pencil tip which is different from the previous version. At the top is an insert that fits into the collar, sealing the button and reinforcing the dropper.

Eurovetrocap will be at Packaging Innovations Krakow (20-21 September), London Packaging Week (21-22 September), Beauty Istanbul (27-29 September), and LuxePack Monaco (3-5 October).