It will be a Cosmopack dedicated to sustainability for Vetronaviglio. In Bologna, the Milan-based company specialized in the production of cosmetic packaging with 30 years of experience and product expertise will present its ample range of “green” offerings: from solutions with various percentages of PCR plastic or glass to packaging that more lightweight or made of a mono-material.


More and more customers are asking that their products contain PCR material and that their aesthetic aspect is maintained as if they were made of virgin material. To meet this demand and offer customers an idea of the result that will be obtained even just in the beginnings stages of the project, Vetronaviglio, in collaboration with various raw material suppliers, has come up with “color palettes” that give a clear idea of the color rendering based on different percentages of PCR used.


The use of PCR material is applicable to both plastic and glass. In terms of plastic (PP, PE, PET), the products in Vetronaviglio’s catalogue, both containers and relative accessories, can be made in variable percentages of PCR material up to a maximum of 100%.

Instead, in the case of glass, the minimal percentage that can be used is 30% and the maximum is 40% with excellent aesthetic results. Despite the high percentage of PCR glass utilized, a level of transparency equal to that of standard glass is guaranteed on some of the molds in the catalogue. As such, two goals are met: to offer sustainable solutions without giving up aesthetic quality. PCR accessories are also available for glass and, as a latest innovation, in FSC-certified wood.

While always in line with the theme of environmental sustainability, Vetronaviglio is also focusing on the use of monomaterial and weight reduction. Recently, the company has added new molds to their catalogue with a glass weight reduced by 60%. Solutions that are lighter mean less energy used in the manufacturing process, less material consumed, and fewer CO2 emissions for transportation…

Important “green” choices have also been made with regards to transport packaging, the company has moved from using plastic packing tape to paper tape, and for its blister (or thermoformed) packing, R-PET is preferred over PS.

Alcune referenze monomateriale by Vetronaviglio

Lastly, if we want to consider all aspects that contribute to achieving important environmental sustainability goals, we need to consider the fact that in Vetronaviglio, 80% of the manufacturing and secondary processes are carried out “in house”, thus significantly reducing transport and the resulting environmental impact. And there’s more. The process of recovering and reusing waste materials also take place internally. Thanks to the pelletization system that all machines are equipped with, waste material can be salvaged, reused immediately and potentially stored with the guarantee of a validated traceability system and further reduction of environmental impact.

Hence, for Vetronaviglio, sustainability isn’t just a promise, but a concrete commitment that is expressed in each and every project and involves all of the company’s departments.

Vetronaviglio awaits you at Cosmopack HALL 15 stand C6-D5