This is a summary of Baralan‘s strategic thought process. The essence of beauty in a shape is the challenge. Creativity is the tool that makes it possible.

Baralan is the company that has been successfully operating in the field of primary cosmetic packaging since 1962 and that has always been distinguished for its style which combines design and quality with functionality and user-friendliness. 

For Baralan, the word “minimal” has always had a very specific meaning: it simply means “essential” but just because it means “essential” doesn’t mean less elegant or sophisticated. In fact, quite the contrary.

The elegance of simplicity is a mantra for Baralan: a value that defines its products. 

The universe of Baralan is in continual evolution. It’s a fervent promotor of excellence and passion, focused on creating packaging that is increasingly more attractive and recognizable that fully reflects its values and gives a certain unique quality to those that use it. What’s the secret? Creativity, immense know-how, and a profound knowledge of the market and its needs.

To better understand the world of Baralan, we interviewed Giovanni Ciliento, Corporate Sales Executive.

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Giovanni Ciliento, Corporate Sales Executive
Baralan defines itself as a “Creativity Ambassador”. What does creativity represent for you? What role does it play?

Creativity is the union of thought and action, or in other words, the ability to use imagination to develop new ideas that can then be transformed into concrete objects. In Baralan’s case, those concrete things are packaging for cosmetic products that unite the creative aspect with functionality and reliability.

For Baralan, creativity means looking at the world with different eyes, thinking outside the box. This all needs to be done without forgetting about innovation, the strategic leverage in our sector, which is tightly tied to creativity and represents a perception that goes beyond the product itself.


Does creativity go hand in hand with originality?

If we think about the customization possibilities for packaging through an ample variety of effects and decorations that transform it into something unique, then yes, Baralan packaging solutions are original products despite remaining extremely clean, linear, and minimal. Simple and elegant.

It’s not a coincidence that Baralan is considered an ambassador of Italian style and design throughout the world, synonymous with beauty and impeccable taste. And design is expressed through the study of shapes and dimensions, through innovation of materials, accessories, and processes.

How is Baralan packaging created? 

It’s a result of a complex, creative process of research, experimentation, and originality. It’s the perfect balance between an answer to market demands and functionality, research, quality, and reliability.

A range of over 1600 standard products for Skincare, Makeup, and Fragrance with an ample choice of solutions in terms of design, type, format, and dimension.

For every destined use, there’s a Baralan set available, fully customizable with different accessories, shapes, dimensions, materials, and decorations.

The decorations are a crucial aspect in the creative work done by Baralan. In fact, thanks to a variety of decoration techniques, it’s possible to obtain tailor-made solutions.

The customization possibilities are unlimited. We can work on contrasts, on glossy and opaque effects, on full or gradient (degradé) color, on bright or more muted shades. Effects and decorations can transform an anonymous product into a luxurious and sophisticated packaging. After all, the essence of creativity is to transform something basic and essential into something unique.

Creativity in cosmetic packaging plays an important role because the conversation is not about a simple container but about a tool through which to communicate personality, a lifestyle, a way to relate to others. Can we talk about the “emotional value” of cosmetic packaging?

Yes absolutely! In cosmetics, packaging is never just a simple container, but confers an added value to a product. It communicates the personality of the brand and allows it to set itself apart on the market. It’s for this reason that for us, packaging is the shape that encloses the essence of beauty.

It’s about a creative challenge that our team of experts, professionals, engineers, and designers work on every day to develop innovative solutions, in line with the current trends and able to unite design and practicality with quality and style.

How would you define Baralan products?

In the cosmetic packaging sector, where new trends are constantly popping up, Baralan’s strength and personality can be found in its ability to always keep up with the emerging market demands and in dictating new trends that will never go out of fashion. Our philosophy is reflected in our range of products which is made up of complete sets that cover cosmetics across the board and are always in stock, ready to be distributed in over 80 countries: our products are iconic and aesthetically high-impact but simultaneously, persistent over time and reliable. In one word: timeless.

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