Founded in 2002 by David Chant as Mascara Plus, the company changed its name to MPlus in 2018 to highlight the direction it’s taken characterized by a more extensive and assorted range of offerings. The company has added an ample range of face, eyes, and lip make-up products to mascara, the “main” product that put MPlus on the map and that to this day remains its best-seller (74% of its turnover is represented by mascara).

Services offered are increasingly more structured as well, ranging from bulk to full service which covers almost 70% of the business, and the markets that exports are directed at: in addition to North America, where MPlus is quite established, Europe and the Middle East are seeing strong growth.

Future goals have sustainability and process streamlining as themes, in the spirit of lean and smart manufacturing.


“In the coming months, we’ll be working on new projects, with a particular focus on synergy between formula and delivery system. Products developed internally in our Innovation Hub, a R&D laboratory where a team of 16 cosmetologists work, equipped with avant-garde machines. Here, ideas are transformed into ground-breaking products that anticipate market trends and are a strong source of inspiration for our customers”, says Michela De Frenza, MPlus Marketing Manager.

Growth, in Italy and abroad, remains ones of MPlus’s goals and for the future, it’s focusing on new markets, new products (eco-friendly ones too), and high-quality service. “In the last few years – continues the Manager – we’ve worked a lot on quality and the certifications we’ve obtained demonstrate this: in addition to ISO 9001, 22716 and 14001, we’re proud to have achieved Halal certification, a fundamental step in our growth strategy”.



At Cosmopack, the company will be exhibiting its stand at Pad. XX and the novelties will truly not be lacking. On the make-care product front, a fast-growing trend, the company has various innovations up its sleeve that have versatility as a common denominator: why give up color and treatment if you can have both in one unique product?

“In the wake of ‘hybrid’ products, we will present the Lucid Collection at Cosmopack. The main theme of the collection comes from the concept of water, envisioned as transparent luxury, in all its forms and characteristics. The Lucid Collection follows the trend of celebrating natural beauty, resilience, and self-discovery. It favors texture, bright and evanescent, over color, which will be light and soft. Among the products in the Lucid Collection will be a smoothing face primer, surprising upon application, a “cosmic” lipgloss and, of course, our bestsellers: mascaras”.


Many new products in terms of eye make-up as well, where the company boasts an enviable level of authority on the matter. In this case too, the “rule” is that new generation products should offer multiple actions with ingredients borrowed from the skincare world, even better if they’re natural, that lengthen, intensify, curl, shape, and increase the thickness of lashes and eyebrows…

“The make-up product becomes an all-round treatment, even in the case of eye make-up. For example, the new Green Elixir is dual action: it guarantees perfect hydration thanks to the presence of an active ingredient extracted from cotton and in addition, fixes and shapes eyelashes and eyebrows. A real must for eyes”.