Lumson Envers glas
Il nuovo Envers Glas by Lumson

After MakeUp in Los Angeles, Lumson is preparing for the most important event of the year: Cosmopack 2022, which will take place in Bologna from April 28th to May 1st.

Matteo Moretti, Lumson’s President

“Over these past few weeks, our attention has been focused on the preparation of Cosmopack, a much-awaited event after two years of forced ‘absence’ due to the pandemic. At the event, in addition to the mainstays of our portfolio like the Touchless® systems and dispensing systems, we’ll also present various new innovations that combine Lumson’s green approach with its technological spirit”, explained President Matteo Moretti.


Following the road of sustainability and the principles of a circular economy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- after having launched Ecompact, the compact-case made with Marino Belotti that is completely separable and recyclable, already the winner of Best Packaging 2020, Lumson launched Re Place at the end of 2021, the 50ml jar with a refillable inner cup for skincare products.

A choice consistent with the path taken by many beauty brands, including luxury ones, which have added refillable solutions to their ‘traditional’ formats. The advantages deriving from the use of these systems are tangible: reusing already-existing packaging means avoiding producing, transporting, and throwing away new ones. “Re Place is easily removable and replaceable and is the perfect answer to the market demands for sustainability. In the new design systems based around a circular economy, refills represent an effective solution due to the extremely positive impact they have on the environment and because they suggest new, more ethical and virtuous consumer habits to more attentive consumers“.

All eyes are also on airless systems, a segment in which the Crema-based company is recognized as one of the key players at an international level. Already noted for its TAG, APP, and TAL systems which incarnate three of the core values of the company’s philosophy- technology, safety, and sustainability – at the trade show, Lumson will officially present the brand new Envers Glas, the airless system in a jar.

Cosmopack will be the occasion to present another new innovation: we’re talking about XPaper, the revolutionary paper airless that is already the winner of ADI Design, a finalist in the Golden Compass 2022, and in the running for Cosmopack Awards. A packaging that has everything needed to win over brands and consumers.

Lumson XPAPer
XPaper, the revolutionary paper airless that is already the winner of ADI Design

Marino Belotti, a leader in compact cases which became part of the Lumson Group in 2019, will also be present at Cosmopack. Marino Belotti will present Overlayer – cosmetic à la carte, the new collection that explores the market trends and innovatively combines materials, finishes, and decorations.

Lumson will be in Bologna from April 28th to May 1st in Hall 15, Stand C14-D13 and Marino Belotti in Hall 15, Stand D14-E13.