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MS BEAUTiLAB is part of MVP Holding, an industrial group which consists of two divisions: MS BEAUTiLAB, which deals with the manufacturing of cosmetics for third parties and manages the entire development process, from concept to finished product, and Marvinpac, which specializes in Assembly & Packaging for FMCG brands.

Since 1959, MS BEAUTiLAB has been designing, developing, and manufacturing skincare and makeup products. Its ability to develop ready-to-go, turnkey and custom beauty solutions that combine performance, user experience, and sustainability has led it to grow and become one of the most well-known companies in the industry. Currently, it has 4 production sites (France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Italy) and 3 R&D laboratories in Europe, as well as commercial offices and strategic partnerships in China and the USA. In 2021, MS BEAUTiLAB acquired the Italian company Gi Picco’s, which specializes in cosmetic powders and Top Injection technology, strengthening its know-how and completing its range of offerings.

Chief Marketing, Communications & CSR Officer

While waiting to meet them at the next edition of MakeUp in Paris, we posed some questions to Marie-Alice Chapuis, Chief Marketing, Communications & CSR Officer, to get an idea of the company’s latest novelties.

What are the main innovations that you presented at the latest edition of Cosmopack?

At Cosmopack 2023, we launched three important innovations that reflect what we represent and the way we want to shape the future of beauty.

In the makeup category, we presented Supernova Green: a new generation top injection powder, high-performing and compliant with the Cosmos Natural standard, made with 99% natural origin ingredients. Formulated without microplastics, talc, silicones, synthetic film-forming agents, or petrochemicals, it provides an enveloping experience for all the senses and represented a real formulating challenge.

At the show, we also presented Skincare Beauty Spheres, spheres for skin care and beauty. With a minimum of 97% natural origin ingredients, these spheres are a true concentrate of efficacy, well-being, and innovation. The texture versatility goes beyond the traditional limits of the hot-pour category resulting in an extraordinary and multisensory beauty experience that leaves skin nourished and well-hydrated.

Finally, we launched Skin Fusion, a revolutionary technology that we’ve patented which gives life to a new generation of products that uniquely combine performance, sustainability, and experience.

Ms Beautilab

Can you explain the most innovative, if not revolutionary, aspects of Skin Fusion?

From a performance standpoint, we have an optimal concentration of active ingredients for immediate and long-term effectiveness; in terms of sustainability, we have a single-dose, zero-waste, plastic-free product, completely biodegradable, with reduced weight and dimensions, for more responsible consumption. And then there’s the experience: when massaged, its texture melts from solid to liquid, melting into the skin like a warm embrace and providing a moment of pure well-being. I could define it as a unique holistic experience. And then there’s the versatility: Skin Fusion can be used as a daily serum or as an intensive treatment, for the entire face or as a booster for a specific area or to provide a targeted action. The pluses? Skin Fusion is a full-service solution but 100% customizable, from formula to packaging, thanks to the high level of expertise and know-how of our Group. At Cosmopack, we presented two ready-to-go applications of this technology: Fusion Eye Lift, the first eye contour treatment that literally melts into skin for total rejuvenation of the eye contour area after only 14 days, and Skin Up Fusion Booster, an ultra-concentrated face booster for an immediate lifting effect.

What’s the next trade show you’ll be attending?

MakeUp in Paris, which will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre on June 14th and 15th. It is a very important event for us, both to meet our customers and to present our new products and skills to potential partners. Don’t miss it!

Save the date with MS Beautilab at Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), on June 14-15, Booth A31- right at the entrance of the show!