ROELMI HPC has always offered ethical and sustainable solutions thanks to wide portfolio of high-performance cosmetic ingredients.

The “Sense the Beauty” collection, launched on the occasion of the 23rd edition of in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona, starts from here – the preparation of beauty cocktails that provide a 360° sensory experience.

Inspired by the concept of conviviality, which often takes place at coffee shop counters, the new capsule collection gathers a series of formulas that evokes some of the most famous cocktails, from Sex on the Beach to the New York Cosmopolitan.

Elisa Altieri, Market Manager Personal Care Roelmi HPC

Elisa Altieri, Personal Care Market Manager, describes the project as follows: “Sense the Beauty aims at giving an emotional experience through skincare and makeup formulas enriched with ingredients capable of preserving the skin’s ecosystem, with unique and captivating textures…real beauty cocktails”.

Some examples of skin care formulas: BECAUSE I’M HAPPY, an anti-fatigue face serum containing Ener-GY plus, a cellular energizer that recalls the refreshing quality of the Virgin caipirinha; and DRINKIN’ IN NYC, an eye contour serum with a lifting effect thanks to PrincipHYAL® Cube3, a full-spectrum hyaluronan, which recalls the elegant Cosmopolitan.

The sensory journey continues in the world of makeup, with our beauty version of whisky thanks to KISS ME, HONEY!, a moisturizing mask with a melt-into-skin texture, enriched with CeraFluid®, an anti-aging fluid ceramide. With BEAUTY IN A NUTSHELL, we can “snack on” some “peanuts” as it is formulated as single-dose capsules: a 3 products in 1 for lips, cheeks, and eyes, containing Olifeel® Pearls*, a thickening and texturing agent, for a monochromatic look. And our beauty routine concludes with JUST A YELLOW LEMON: a micellar water makeup remover based on BeauSens® PG4**, an extra mild surfactant, and Cytofruit® Waters for a completely water-free version.

Every development follows the mission of ROELMI HPC: combining science and sustainability, aiming at improving quality of life.

Find out all the formulas here:

*result of circular economy methods **obtained from green chemistry processes