PST LINE II con modulo IDM II

In a market that is rapidly changing, for Tapematic, the Italian company that has been designing and developing in-house, high-quality industrial machinery for packaging coating and metallization since 1970, the watchwords are flexibility, customization, and sustainability. The company’s choices will be revolving around these three key concepts from today and through the next few years.


I was just recently in Detroit for an international convention and beyond the more technical aspects, some interesting points of reflection came up with regards to changes that are happening on the market -explains Antonio Scotti, Sales Manager -. The most interesting data is related to packaging, for cosmetics and more, and the phenomenon of de-stocking. On one hand, interesting developments are looming for packaging because the sector will continue to grow over the next few years – estimates speak of a rise of 15% globally from 2022 to 2026 – on the other, the tendency towards reducing warehouse stock is set to continue, a phenomenon that emerged during the pandemic. To overcome issues that we‘re faced with every day – difficulties with supply, the need to renegotiate distribution, supply, and processing agreements, the inability to cope with peaks in demand – we will need to be more flexible”.

But what does “be more flexible” mean exactly? On one side, it means having more flexibility in our standard price lists and on delivery terms, and on the other, being more committed to carrying stock from all suppliers, not just from big contractors. “We’ve been doing this for years already and this allows us to uphold the terms indicated in our contracts, but clearly it requires a significant economic and logistical undertaking”.

Decorazione realizzata grazie al modulo IDM II

Another key theme is sustainability, which for Tapematic translates into the optimization of processes and the concept of “use-less”: use fewer resources and use them more effectively. In a moment in which energy costs, for parts production and raw materials, have skyrocketed, knowing how to better use resources can truly make a difference. “Using our modular systems, the advantages are tangible. The energy consumption for coating is three times lower compared to traditional lines and the power used is 60-70 KW/h versus the average of 200 KW/h. All this without compromising on the quality of the final product”. Economic benefits that are also reflected in the ROI: more efficiency and more profitability also mean a faster initial return on investment.

Fase di Verniciatura

And then there’s customization, a determining factor in a market where more and more, the service makes the difference. It involves both the machine, which, being modular and adaptable, can be personalized to the needs and demands of the customer and as such, becomes a tailor-made product, as well as the product to be decorated. “With IDM II– continues Scotti – it’s possible to create a unique decoration and customization of a single piece directly in-line with various advantages: minimization of the margin of error,  maximum control of the quality of the product, shortening of the supply chain, and therefore, cost reduction and an increase in profit margins”. 


The next event for Tapematic will be K 2022, the reference trade show for plastics set to take place in Dusseldorf from October 19th to 26th. The company will be present with a stand of over 160 square meters in HALL 4, the hall historically dedicated to machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries, and exhibiting a fully-operational PST Line II with the IDM II decoration module. An important occasion to discover how Tapematic’s technology works, along with all its capabilities.