The buzzword? Quality. Vetronaviglio, which produces in-house cosmetic packaging in various materials (not only in glass), has confirmed its commitment to quality by reaching an important milestone: GMP ISO 22716 certification. A result that opens up the doors to new international markets and formalizes what has always been pursued and claimed by the company: attention to the product and service.

And then there’s the more “human” aspect of this journey: the certification was obtained thanks to close-knit teamwork. Telling us all about the achievements attained, but also the challenges that await the company in the coming months is Bettina Solito de Solis, CEO & Operation Manager of Vetronaviglio. 

A sx: Bettina Solito de Solis, CEO & Operation Manager di Vetronaviglio.
What are your thoughts on the result achieved?

We’re really proud of having obtained the GMP ISO 22716, but we don’t want to stop here. We believe that we shouldn’t consider the certification the finish line but rather an important step on a long path. Questioning ourselves, giving ourselves new goals, and continuing to work to improve are fundamental aspects for growth. In our line of work, they’re even more important because the challenges that the market brings are constant and growing.

Is there an aspect of this achievement that makes you particularly proud?

Yes, it’s the one linked to the growth of knowledge and awareness of all our staff, to the effort and attention that the team demonstrated in these months and that led each of us to treat this goal as our own. It’s a demonstration of how important human resources are for the growth of a company.

Why did you decide to pursue this certification?

The GMP ISO 22716 outlines the minimum standards that a cosmetic manufacturer must meet to guarantee that all its products arriving on the market are of high quality and are safe for the consumer. The integration of these guidelines into the Corporate Quality System is an essential stepping stone to build an organizational and manufacturing structure that is tuned into the market it’s operating in.

We’re convinced that a manufacturing company such as ours, completely and directly responsible for the product offered on the market, has to be knowledgeable about the life of its product and all the risks that can arise starting from the initial planning to delivery, including production and stocking.

The attainment of a certification like ISO 22716 isn’t just a confirmation from an impartial entity of the company’s good practices and of the quality of its products but it’s also an important stimulus for continual improvement.

Is it true that you reached this objective without the help of external consultants?

Yes, it’s true and this makes us even prouder of what we’ve done so far. Usually the path to implementation of the ISO certification includes a period of assistance from an external consultant specialized in the norms and reference guidelines. Instead, we reached the goal without any external support, relying only on the skills established over the years, the fruit of our experience, and the latest investments made to strengthen the quality area.

There’s a lot of consistency throughout all of this. You’ve always spoken about “attention to quality” and now there’s a document that attests that.

Consistency and concreteness are part of Vetronaviglio’s DNA. They are the foundation on which we place our authority on the market and the pillars on which we’ve built that relationship of trust with customers which withstands time and is at the base of our work. Anyone who comes to us has to know they can blindly trust in our work because besides planning and production, we also do in-house decorations and customizations. Additionally, our customers can count on our support in the fundamental phase of product industrialization.

What are your hopes for the future?

I could say that in the next months we’re waiting on inspection visits from customers: it’s the best way to give them on-site evidence of our constant commitment and efforts and to come up with important points to improve upon and fully satisfy market needs. All jokes aside, customers will always be welcomed at the company: together with the market, they are the best judges on how we’re operating.

Among the new projects, there’s also an e-store? Who is that aimed at?

We love to define it “e-commerce dedicated to packaging for cosmetic products created by those that produce packaging”. It’s the ideal solution for anyone launching a new product on the market and wanting to create a test line with just a few pieces, as well as for companies and start-ups that request smaller lots.

On the e-store, you can find bottles and jars – in glass and plastic, that can be ordered with reduced order minimums, up to 5000 pieces for each product, available exclusively in the sizes, colors, and finishes indicated. It’s also possible to customize the packaging: with silk screen printing (1 or 2 colors) starting from 500 pieces and lacquering starting from 1000 pieces.