Summer 2022 will have a new ring to it: the sound of beauty and Faravelli Cosmetic Division as its star. After the success of last autumn, the Milanese company is ready to launch its first summer collection on the market: the Summer Edition Capsule Collection. Not looking to replace cosmetic manufacturers but rather, to offer some examples of how to use active ingredients in some finished products. An idea that is both effective and appealing. 

Faravelli’s Summer Collection is comprised of 4 water-free formulas, offered in a new and original way, that are named after 4 musical hits: “Bollicine”, “Occhi di ragazza”, “Tropicana” and “Footloose”. Just to give the “right” rhythm to the beauty rituals that will accompany us throughout the summer. 

The four unique formulas are characterized by evocative names and graphic designs. Throwback songs that bring us back to the rebellious, scorching summers of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, to people and moments that marked the most important phases of our lives and that we’ll always hold close to our hearts. Notes of the past that even now, sound brand-new every time we hear them because of just how extraordinary they are. 



The same thing happens with Faravelli’s Summer Edition Capsule Collection: high-performing and sustainable, made with high-quality ingredients that give you a radiant glow from head to toe on the beach and in the city, under the sun or the moonlight. 

The textures are light and fresh with toning and calming effects that are combined with enveloping, sensorial yet subtle fragrances that leave skin feeling refreshed and healthy. 

BOLLICINE is a body oil-gel with Provital’s Orange Blossom. Its look and texture make it very unique and “surprising”. 

OCCHI DI RAGAZZA is a delicate mascara with Provital’s Rose Rain, a lovely distilled rose water. The mascara hugs lashes, without clumping, making them light…like petals. 

TROPICANA is a multi-functional product that perfectly embodies new consumer trends. An oil with “floating pearls”, enriched with Provital’s Hameamelis Rain, that delicately gives skin color and prevents redness. 

FOOTLOOSE with Provital’s Lavendar Rain is an anhydrous stick formula for feet that feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 



The Summer Collection is the fruit of Faravelli’s Cosmetic Application Lab’s work and creativity, a place where ideas and formulas are thought up and take form to anticipate and satisfy consumer requests of today and tomorrow, taking full advantage of the excellent raw materials that Faravelli offers the cosmetics industry thanks to its collaboration with world-famous manufacturers. 

Manufacturers such as Provital which is seen throughout this collection with its “rain”- Hamamelis, Rose, Lavender e Orange Blossom– active ingredients that are sustainable, light, fresh, and delicate. 

Colorful, intriguing, and modern with an intentional retrò touch that makes it original and super summery, the Summer Edition Capsule Collection fully marries the philosophy of Faravelli’s “Great Satisfaction” campaign: putting the spotlight on positive emotions and the joy of feeling good – each one of us with our unique coloring, age, and style that only a perfect cosmetic formula made of raw materials that “work”, can give. Here’s to a summer filled with #greatsatisfaction!

Click here to watch the video of the campaign