La capsula flip-top Lip disponibile in PP e da ottobre anche in HDPE

In recent years, Eurovetrocap has been increasingly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products, taking action on all phases of their lifecycle. Mono-material solutions makes up an important step in this direction seeing as from the very beginning, they’re designed and developed to be recycled once finished with. The company always tries to give priority to polymers like PP, HDPE, or PET, which are very efficiently collected and recycled in Europe.

“For example, in 2020 – explains Giampaolo Herrmann, General Manager – we launched our Lip flip-top cap in PP. Elegant and modern, it pairs perfectly with PET bottles. Once used, the entire set can be disposed of in plastics recycling without the need to separate each element. Like soda and mineral water packaging, the container and cap will then be separated through a floatation process after the first shredding phase of the set. Having two different densities, PET and PP can be separated as the former floats and the latter sinks. Once this operation is completed, each material will then go down its own recycling chain”.



Instead, the pairing of a HDPE bottle with PP closure is problematic. These materials have a similar density which makes them difficult to separate using the floatation method. “In 2022 – continues Herrmann – we’ve overcome this problem with the launch of our new Lip cap, also available in HDPE. As of today, the cap and bottle can be made of the same material which facilitates the recycling process. This new cap signals not one, but two important steps towards sustainability: not only can the entire set be recycled once it’s been used but, at the end of the recycling process, a high-quality secondary material is obtained, one that isn’t a blend of materials and that has fewer altered physical and mechanic characteristics”. The Lip 24/410 HDPE cap will be available from the end of the year and offered as a complement to HDPE bottles.

Da oggi capsula e flacone possono essere realizzati in un unico materiale facilitando così il processo di recupero.

Commitment to sustainability and a strong innovative spirit, key elements of the company’s strategy that has established itself on the market thanks to an ample and assorted range of products (that is made even more so on a regular basis by new additions), quality, competitive prices, and flexible minimum order quantities…all of which have also been recognized as “rewarding values” by the market. And the results haven’t been long in coming. Eurovetrocap is once again among the 500 best performing companies of 2022 – the so-called Champion companies – according to the ranking drawn up by Italypost in collaboration with L’Economia by Corriere della Sera.

To find out about Eurovetrocap’s latest innovations and bestsellers, they’ll be at PCD Paris from June 29th to 30th, stand G44