MOSS, an acronym for  Macchine Offset & Silk Screen, (Offset Machines & Silk Screen) was founded in Reggio Emilia in 1967 as a manufacturer of dry-offset and silkscreen printing machines for plastic object decoration. Thanks to innovation and constant investments in R&D, over the course of time the small-scale company has become an established business with around forty employees and export earnings that make up almost 80% of its entire turnover (circa 7 million euros).

Over the years, MOSS has enriched its production range to include hot stamping printers, multipurpose machines for flexible tubes, heat-transfer labelers for pails, as well as its presence in other markets: besides cosmetics and pharmaceutical which remain its core business, the company also operates successfully in the beverage and industrial sectors.

moss andrea fantozzi“For us, cosmetics continues to be a strategic sector which has demonstrated a unique resilience and exceptional ability to bounce back. And has also recently brought us immense satisfaction with numerous requests for servo-assisted MS 1070 machines for mascara decoration – explains Andrea Fantozzi, CEO of MOSS and of Martinenghi Tech -. Avantgarde technology, the ability to offer a high level of customization to meet the needs of the market, and ergonomic design are what make the MS 1070 the ideal solution for packaging companies. There are multiple advantages to this machine: the extremely accurate readings from the video cameras to pinpoint printing position, the delicate handling of the product, high energy efficiency, and full IoT connectivityLet’s not forget that the MS 1070 can hot stamp cylindrical surfaces at a speed of 90 pieces/minute”.

Perfect for decorating not only mascaras, but also caps, lipstick cases, eyeliners, flexible tubes, bottles, and jars; it can also be configured for plastic, aluminium, and tin capsules as well as for articles made of glass. In the XM version, various object shapes can be decorated through support by both mandrels and by systems of points and base-chucks.

55 years of business marked by innovation continues

MOSS’s backstory is characterized by different “turning points” which played a key role in the evolution and development of the company. In 2012, Andrea Fantozzi and his sister Daniela took over the company shares and officially became the sole owners of MOSS. In 2021, another important milestone: MOSS purchased the company branch of Martinenghi di Albignano d’Adda (MI), a company experienced in the sector of designing and constructing machines for flexible tubes, aerosol cans, and aluminium containers, as well as in high-speed digital printing (Michelangelo) on various types of hollow cylindrical containers. And this is how Martinenghi Tech came about.

The acquisition has allowed us to further strengthen our presence on the market and that of the Martinenghi brand, as well as to promote a deep dive into the world of digital solutions, where we want to bring our philosophy based on product innovation and new solutions. This is the key to long-term growth: investing in innovation and listening carefully to customers and their needs. We are not the ones making the “rules”, dictating the trends, the market is. We are moving in the direction of personalization; tailor-made solutions that are increasingly cutting-edge, personalized, and customizable “, continues Andrea Fantozzi.

In 2022, the brand Technopack will become part of the MOSS group. It has been active on the international market since 1991 as a supplier of compete lines for the manufacturing of aluminum tubes and aluminum aerosol cans and is a notable and appreciated brand in the sector. “Our market is very niche, requiring constant investments and continual innovation. It’s the only way to maintain a competitive edge. Clearly this isn’t within reach for everyone which is why there are so few players on the market in Italy and also in Europe”.

La MS 1070 è la soluzione ideale per le aziende di packaging

For MOSS, 2020 started off with various projects in the pipelines and new orders but then the pandemic arrived to put a wrench in these plans. The aftereffects have made themselves shown, especially in 2021, with a change of course towards the end of the year when the industry got going again. Even if the road to getting back to pre-pandemic levels of performance is still long, the first months of 2022 were characterized by a certain market dynamism that has only cooled down a bit due to recent events in Russia and Ukraine and by the increase in the costs of energy, components, and raw materials. “Details” that are not negligible in the business economy. However, one thing is certain: trade fairs, which are fundamental meeting points between supply and demand will play a strategic role in guiding the recovery where people can finally meet face-to-face.

At the end of October we’ll be participating in K 2022, the reference trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry held in Düsseldorf which hosts thousands of exhibitors from all over the world. At the end of June, however, we will be at “Paris Packaging Week” part of the Easyfairs circuit. Expectations are high: we can’t wait to meet customers and suppliers and share our latest novelties with them“, concludes Fantozzi.