The oceans and seas as a habitat to save and preserve, but also as sources from which to draw out precious natural beauty elixirs. This is the philosophy of Carbonwavea Puerto Rican company that is a world leader in the development of ultra-regenerative biomaterials sourced from algae and other vegetables, that has recently become part of the portfolio of active ingredients distributed by Bregaglio. Not a random choice, but one dictated by a clear shared sense of purpose. In fact, Bregaglio has chosen to offer innovative, effective, on-trend solutions that can spark a “virtuous circle” in the industry just like Carbonwave did which believes in the regenerative power of Nature and its resources. A strategy that reflects a state of affairs: the awareness that sustainability can no longer be considered a choice, but rather represents a necessity for everyone. For the survival of the planet and of those who live here. Mankind included.

Cristina Minelle, cosmetologist & coolhunter Bregaglio

Times have changed and now the future of cosmetics (and not only) goes hand in hand with sustainability – begins Cristina Minelle, cosmetologist and coolhunter for Bregaglio -.  And the planet is thankful for this daily awareness. Having opened our eyes to the world has strengthened the value of truth and brought about an immediate change of pace to actions and choices. Today, a beauty company is called to respond to the needs of the new generations that want a change in cosmetics and want a concrete commitment to resolving the most urgent problems afflicting society: a crisis of trust, correctness, transparency, discriminations, the environment…”.

Having abandoned populist slogans and astonishing promises, consumers, especially younger ones, are clamoring for concrete commitments and greater transparency along the entire supply chain. Facts over words.

Enlightened businesses – continues the cosmetologist – respond to this demand with brand activism which involves the entire supply chain: from the research of raw materials and formulation right up to the product on the sales shelves. Not idealism towards figures such as Greta Thunberg or other activists but clear indications of how current choices can have an impact on creation, its structure, and relationships between people. Taking care of the environment, of customer desires in an ethical way, is what wins and earns a company credibility, giving them an advantage. This is why we’ve chosen to add a business like Carbonwave to our portfolio. Right away, this young, innovative company won us over because it’s a modern champion of lateral thinking that has transformed a problem (the overgrowth of Sargassum algae) into a high-impact opportunity for humanity. Even the name Carbonwave is a message in itself: to be a part of a new wave of companies building next-generation economies based on a regenerative relationship with our oceans”. 

Carbonwave has been able to turn an emergency into an extraordinary opportunity: from a damaging environmental waste, algae is transformed into a useful, valuable ingredient.

In following the best tradition of upcycling, Carbonwave has been able to turn an emergency into an extraordinary opportunity and change the sad “destiny” of algae: from a damaging waste for the environment and ecosystem to a useful and valuable ingredient.

The warming of the oceans has created the ideal conditions for the unchecked proliferation of algae with collateral effects: suffocated ecosystems and coastal communities in crisis – explains Cristina Minelle -. One of these is the Sargassum alga. Once it becomes waste and ends up rotting along the shore, it has a tremendous impact on the fauna and the ecosystem: turtles, for example, can’t nest for long in this environment since the decomposing algae release methane and hydrogen sulfide”.

But the sea’s call for help didn’t remain unanswered and a solution was found. From the excessive growth of algae came SeaBalance: a line of natural, broad-spectrum, Sargassum-based emulsifiers for oil in water cosmetic applications. SeaBalance emulsifiers are high-performance, completely natural, and perfect for skincare products; they have various advantages: they are completely non-toxic and PEG-free and extracted using a completely natural, patented, COSMOS-approved process. And that’s not all. They are also versatile and easy to use: they can be used in formulations with both hot and cold processes. And then there’s the availability aspect, which is just as important.

SeaBalance emulsifiers are completely natural, high-performance, and perfect for skincare products.

This alga doesn’t need land or anything else to grow, it’s a regenerative and adaptive resource. From a waste material to a unique raw material for cosmetics with the ability to restore soil and oceans, eliminate microplastics, and reach carbon neutrality. It suits to say: from an ending, there is always a new beginning”, comments Cristina Minelle.


The planet as a place of experimentation to be protected, a place where we can act, create, consume, and grow. The life of a living being, Emanuele Coccia wrote, doesn’t begin at birth. To be born means to inherit a life already lived and we just have to give it another face, develop it, and take care of it as Carbonwave has done with Seabalance emulsifiers.

After all, the power of trendsetter raw materials is to be not only able to involve customers but to co-create a world full of meaning with them in which social environmental sustainability may be the new normal. Will this be the new luxury of cosmetics?