DEA, which stands for Developing the Evolution of Airless, is a new series of products composed of glass airless containers designed for several applications. Thanks to Baralan’s dedicated teams of quality and research professionals, and its consolidated know-how in the industry, Baralan, a point of reference in primary packaging for the cosmetics industry since 1962, has introduced a line that stands out for its sustainable approach and its functionality, is suitable for different usages and is versatile in application.

Using fewer components and significantly reducing the amount of overall materials, resulting in a lighter and more functional packaging that still offers impact to brands with a new level of user experience, the DEA series represents a new philosophy of primary packaging in glass as a more sustainable solution with a further aesthetic appeal.


Unlike other airless systems, DEA has no internal plastic container, making it the first airless system in which the filled product is directly in contact with its glass container. Its airless nature helps better preserve the integrity of the product and its ingredients.

The DEA line is available in two versions: classic and premium, both of which allow for the possibility of single-use or refillable solutions of the glass container. A unique concept, the refillable version allows for convenient replacements of the glass container to promote the re-usability of components. The ability to also quickly and practically separate components provides new opportunities to improve product lifecycle.



DEA is available in three nominal capacities: 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. Its standard GPI 18/400 neck finish, combined with the airless system, is compatible with a vast range of pumps. This allows for increased modularity for different sets, as well as high levels of product personalization. In each version, the transparent glass allows for the filled product’s color to remain visible for an authentic appeal. The style of this series also provides advantages regarding customization through various decoration techniques.

The innovative DEA series has been developed through an equally innovative manufacturing process, significantly reducing energy consumption for a more sustainable approach. Another feature of this new solution is the ability to eliminate lubricant use, which is due to the unprecedented smoothness of the piston inside the glass container.

DEA Baralan


With these features, Baralan’s new solution opens the path to new product line opportunities that provide an evolution of primary packaging in glass and airless packaging in general, in the sign of Made in Italy, tradition and innovation. DEA embodies a new generation of airless solutions to drive and shape the future of beauty in sustainability, aesthetics, functionality and safety. A look at the present and, above all, at the future of the cosmetics industry.