TAL by Lumson

Innovations by Lumson are never the end of the story, they always bring something new and improved along with them compared to the past. It’s with this spirit that the Italian leader in the production of primary packaging and integrated dispensing and airless systems is proud to launch two new products on the market: Chisel, the new futuristic and functional dropper, and TAL, the first touchless available in aluminum. Two products that are immensely different but yet equally destined to be talked about: Chisel, because it’s an incarnation of Lumson’s style and design and TAL because it represents a concrete and functional answer to demands for sustainability and safety from the modern cosmetics market.

After all, predicting the market’s requests and knowing how to translate them into avant-garde, trending products has always been a distinctive Lumson characteristic; a characteristic that has allowed the company to grow and establish itself in the international market.


The infringeable Touchless, the revolutionary sustainable compact case Ecompact, and the eco-friendly lipstick PLA 2.0 are just some of the most recent examples of packaging that have become true trending topics. For Chisel and TAL, the expectations are the same: to become not only iconic products, but real case studies of success. Romualdo Priore, Lumson Marketing Director talks to us about them in this interview:

Can you talk to us about Chisel, the dropper with the futuristic design that you’ve just recently launched on the market?

Chisel incarnates the concept of design and innovation according to Lumson. For Lumson, new ideas are always solutions that bring an added value with them. Innovation is synonymous with the research and study of new shapes, materials, and technological and aesthetic solutions. Lumson’s style rejects the superfluous and focuses on what’s essential, it appreciates the beauty in a simple gesture and prioritizes understated elegance. The minimalist style of Chisel illustrates precise design and a delicate, yet innovative way to apply cosmetics.

chisel by lumson
Chisel is a new futuristic and functional dropper
Chisel represents a sort of “challenge” for Lumson: to transform a dropper into a design product…

Yes, this is true in a certain sense. For all of us, Chisel represents a challenge in terms of ergonomics and design. We wanted to create a practical and futuristic dropper where aesthetics would be inextricably combined with functionality, following the Lumson tradition. And looking at the result, I’d say we did it. The new dropper, with its elongated and ergonomic shape, is elegant and functional at the same time because it guarantees precision in dispensing, safety, and ease of use- crucial elements for a product destined for the cosmetic sector. 

The application mode of cosmetics, for Lumson, is an element not to be overlooked: it must be immediate, intuitive, but at the same time- delicate and pleasurable to do. This is exactly what happens with Chisel, which allows for the calibrating of the product quantity desired with a simple “push-down” gesture on the button. Last but not least, it has the potential to be applied to a variety of products and the possible dropper/bottle combinations are endless.

chisel by lumson
Chisel allows for the calibrating of the product quantity desired with a simple “push-down” gesture on the button
The new products don’t end here though. You’ve just officially launched TAL on the market, the first touchless in aluminum. Can you tell us something about this innovative airless packaging…?

It’s a project that we strongly believe in that is the perfect answer to the current beauty market’s demands and we’re sure will also apply to the near future. TAL: an acronym for Techno Airless ALuminum – is an aluminum airless with a pouch that unites technological innovation and functionality and responds to the market’s requests in terms of maximum safety and sustainability. It’s safe, eco-friendly, and customizable.

TAL is the first touchless available in aluminum.
Can you explain its characteristics a bit better, one by one?

It’s safe because utilizing pouch technology, it guarantees that the product’s purity and integrity remain completely untouched. The multi-layered pouch, equipped with a Hermetic Snap Closure System (patented by Lumson), has been studied to act as a barrier against external agents and protect the formula from any possible contamination.

It’s sustainable because first off,  it’s made of aluminum: not only is it the most common metal present on the Earth but it’s also light, modern, and has many technical properties that mean it can be recycled an infinite number of times while maintaining its characteristics. Secondly, it’s an eco-friendly choice because when the product is finished, the consumer can separate the aluminum components from the plastic ones and recycle each part appropriately.

It’s versatile and can be customized with a variety of effects.  Thanks to lithographic printing methods that can unite up to 6 colors, various finishes and decorations are offered. Some examples include glossy effect with make the product more prestigious, perfect for a product destined for the luxury market; instead, satin-finishes and brushed effects are ideal for brands that want to focus on “green” and eco-friendly concepts.

Undoubtedly in any case, this is a material that is versatile, ideal for both luxury and mass market products, created with great attention to detail and offering a modern and minimalistic design.

Which products would you recommend packaging like TAL for?

It’s packaging that is very versatile, unisex, contemporary, with clean, minimalistic lines ideal for face and body products. Also, the sizes available – 50, 75, and 100mL – lend themselves to being used in both the skincare segment as well as for products that would traditionally require larger formats (ex: body care, sun care, haircare…). This is packaging that is destined to be talked about.