A creative attitude and continual innovation are among the aspects that set Lumson apart as a leader in the primary cosmetic packaging sector.

Creativity is expressed through the ability to transform classic packaging into solutions that are continually new and original thanks to the use of advanced decoration technology and meticulous attention to detail. This consistent commitment to innovation is demonstrated through being able to not only answer, but also anticipate the needs of the market and offer sophisticated and avant-garde products.

The new products that we are presenting in this article are excellent examples of Lumson’s philosophy: Lipstick PLA 2.0 and I-Conic and Marylin glass bottles. These new offerings go on to enrich the company’s ample and comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the cosmetic and make-up market.

They are a testament, in fact, to the constant attention given to evolution in the sector, to new trends, and last but not least, to the theme of sustainability.


Cosmopolo met with Romualdo Priore, Marketing Director of Lumson. We asked him some questions about the trends that will dominate the world of make-up in the coming months and about the company’s latest and greatest product launches.

How do you see the future of lip products in terms of formulations and packaging?

Many people have hypothesized a collapse in the “Lipstick Index” theory, but I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m completely convinced that the dip in the lip care market is only temporary and is strictly linked to the coronavirus emergency of the last few months and to the use of masks. Once this period is over, lipstick will return to playing a leading role in the world of make-up and might even become the symbol of “rebirth” after these difficult months. After all, the link between women and lipstick is very strong, it’s a link that has endured through the centuries and through generations.

The future will see a return to sparkly and long-lasting formulations. Gloss and lip care products will be a category in overwhelmingly high demand, especially from the newer generations. Of course, traditional lipsticks won’t be left out, including those in miniature formats that are easy for women to bring with them throughout their day, as well as lip glosses with different types of applicators according to the formulation type.

Besides safety, there will be a lot of attention given to sustainability and Lumson has always been aware of this and conscientious of its use of plastic. In fact, the company has an important innovation in the pipelines in this regard: Lipstick PLA 2.0.

Can you tell us a bit more about this new Lipstick PLA 2.0? Is it true that it uses a material developed specifically for Lumson?

PLA 2.0 is a bio-based material that is extremely high-performing and innovative, developed specifically for Lumson. With respect to the PLA that is already present on the market (a renewable and compostable material obtained from the polymerization of dextrose derived from cane sugar), the version developed for Lumson offers more advantages such as: resistance to high temperatures without deforming, better resistance to scratches and wear and tear, and its mechanism doesn’t require any lubrification. This is a product with immense potential that combines one-of-a-kind technical performance with the sought-after qualities of being renewable and compostable.

In your opinion, is the market ready for this type of product?

Yes, absolutely. The market is asking for this type of product and it’s even prepared to pay a higher price for it, as long as it’s truly “green”. The numbers speak loud and clear: a good 60% of young people prefer brands and products that are sustainable. However, one thing must be said: how natural and respectful of nature a product is doesn’t exclusively concern packaging, but also the entire manufacturing process involved in making it. In fact, the future will be characterized by consumers that are increasingly more attentive and informed and by companies and products that are continually eco-friendlier from the ethical, environmental, and economic point of view.

Let’s talk about another key product in make-up: foundation. In terms of packaging, what will be the most ideal solutions to meet these new needs of consumers?

Packaging plays an essential role given that those which protect the product from contact with the air (or other external agents) and that reduce contamination risk are increasingly more requested, solutions like airless packaging.


Lumson has always been a forerunner and pioneer in the development of airless systems with pouches and has renamed this category “Touchless” to emphasize the absolute purity and integrity of the product that is maintained thanks to the use of a patented hermetic closure system. The pouch, which is available in mono or multi-layer options, allows this packaging type to be used with different types of formulas while guaranteeing perfect product dispensing.

For foundations, we will also continue to use traditional glass or plastic bottles with droppers or other dispensing systems: packaging that guarantees a high level of customization, decoration, detailing, and perfect dosage.

Staying on the topic of foundation bottles made of glass, a material that Lumson has used for years, is it true that you’ve just launched two new designs?

Yes, exactly. These would be I-Conic and Marylin: two elegant bottles with modern designs where particular attention was paid to details in order to enhance the product within.

I-Conic stands out thanks to its elegant, slender, and conical lines, as well as its thick base with rounded corners while Marylin is characterized by its oval shape that emphasizes the color of the product inside the bottle.

The two new shapes represent the company’s established expertise in using glass and they enrich a product portfolio that includes over 33 glass bottles available in a variety of formats (from 15mL to 50mL) and designs. Not only. From cylindrical bottles and classic rounded shapes to squared, elegant, and modern designs, Lumson has the shape for every request including more extravagant solutions with unique designs that give a strong personality to the product.

All glass bottles, including the two newest ones, are completely customizable with various finishes and decorations and can be paired with an ample assortment of dispensing systems for packaging that is 100% Made by Lumson.