Attuatori lineari elettrici e pneumatici PNEUMAX

DUEBI has been operating in the field of industrial supplies for over 20 years. The company was founded at the end of the 1990s through the coming together of previous experience and skill in consultancy and industrial supply to companies brought to the table by partners Andrea Buzzi and Carlo Denti Pompiani. Throughout the years, DUEBI has specialized in the pneumatics business, striking a deal with Pneumax to sell their products in the southern areas of the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Crema, and Cremona.

To satisfy the growing needs of the market, over time, the company has amplified its range of commercial products. An now it is structured in 4 divisions: industry, PPE and safety, pneumatics, and energy.


Speed is one of DUEBI’s strengths, its mission being to provide clients with integrated solutions, combining widespread service with experience, professionalism, skill and highly-qualified technical assistance both before and after a product has been sold.

Cosmopolo interviewed Carlo Denti Pompiani, Managing Partner at DUEBI.

Which products or services do you offer to companies that are involved in industrial automation?

We supply pneumatic components such as actuators, valves, standard and custom-made cylinders, vacuum system elements, fittings etc.

In your catalogue, do you also have products aimed at cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies?

Yes, absolutely. For cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, we offer a wide assortment of products for the internal maintenance of process equipment and machinery and thanks to over twenty years of experience in the automation sector, in addition to requested products, we are also able to offer innovative, alternative solutions.

We also have a division that is completely dedicated to the world of safety. We have a catalogue with both passive and active personal protection equipment and we also offer periodic reviews of the elements involved for working at height.  

Componenti per nastri trasportatori e linee di produzione
Can you tell us something about your partnership with Pneumax?

Pneumax is an Italian company that creates solutions for industrial and process automation for OEMs and end-users without geographic or sector-specific limits by implementing efficient processes, innovative management methods and by combining pneumatic, electrical, and fluid control technologies with mechanical, electronic and digital skills.

Thanks to this partnership, we can offer clients a vast range of products and technologies for automation: from pneumatic to electric actuation to components for fluid control, we are able to provide the ideal solution based on the performance requested.


What is the pneumatic division of DUEBI all about?

The pneumatic division manages the planning and realization of compressed air systems which power industrial processes, as well as the sale of compressors and accessories. Our portfolio includes electric belt-driven or screw-driven actuators equipped with Siemens Drive and Engine Technologies that stand out because of their speed and are paired with pneumatic actuators which are known for their reliability and proportional technology- all of which is strictly Made in Italy.

The product bundles that we offer include all the pneumatic components necessary for automated handling, made out of various materials to best meet the needs of each single client: technopolymer, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

We complete the offer with handling technology, fittings, compressed air treatment units, “vacuum” components such as silicone or NBR suction cups, single-stage and multistage vacuum generators as well as of course, traditional valves and solenoid valves.   

For the management and control of air distribution in pneumatic systems, we offer a variety of Pneumax solenoid valve solutions from the well-established Optyma S Series to the new 3000 Series which can be interfaced with the main communication protocols including IO-link and are designed to best combine performance, user-friendliness, and energy consumption.

What were the months of lockdown like for you?

They were months that really tested all of us from the human and work standpoint. Speaking more specifically about our work, I can say that we faced some difficulties in acquiring PPE that companies were asking us for, often with urgency, especially those that converted their manufacturing to produce hand sanitizers and masks. Despite it all, we were able to meet requests for components needed to convert manufacturing lines and supply protective elements such as plexiglass, hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves, even if the market conditions were far from the usual standards for those types of products. Still today, the situation has not normalized: there’s a shortage of imported products and I think regulation is still a ways away, maybe towards the end of the year as long as the global situation doesn’t get worse.