CB Automation is a division of F.lli Bettinelli Spa, a leader in industrial automation for the pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetics sector . Since its establishment in 1953, has made verticalization one of its strengths.

In fact, the company follows each and every phase of the development process for new machines: from project analysis to development, from the design to each single component, and finally from realization to mechanical assembly and testing.


If verticalization is a winning asset, CB Automation’s remote technical assistance service is yet another one of its crowning achievements which allowed the company to continue to operate during the months of lockdown. These were months that the company was also supported by the local community.


“We wanted to make our technology available in the fight against the Covid-19 emergency and provide, as much as possible, some concrete support to the community and to our surrounding territory”, says Franco Chiozzi, General Manager CB Automation.

“Thanks to the collaboration between our R&D department, the technical office, and management, we were able to make around 100 protective visors using HP 3D printing technology that we then donated to the Ospedale Maggiore in Crema. A simple, but concrete gesture”.


During the months of the pandemic, the company never stopped, with the exception of a few days, in order to continually guarantee support for its clients around the world.

“Thanks to the use of sophisticated tele-assistance technology that we had already been using for years prior, we were able to offer real-time support to all our clients even for testing and the delivery of new machinery“, explains Chiozzi.

“In fact, thanks to this technology we are able to offer a series of services remotely: technical assistance and problem solving, technical training of personnel, validation, and updates or changes to the machines. Our operators can carry out these operations from the office or even from their own homes. In this way, our clients, independent of where they are, are always certain that they can count on having valid support and a concrete response to their needs. A key element that is especially important for those companies, like big pharmaceutical or multinational cosmetic companies, that absolutely cannot interrupt their production or have facilities throughout the world”.

Engine assembly and control platform realized for a primary Italian cosmetics factory

CB Automation’s core business is focused on high-level automation and in particular, on phases of assembly and checks where the use of automation can allow for the achievement of 90% efficiency.

“For the most part, our clients are large companies – concludes Chiozzi – . Even if we also have a number of small and medium-sized companies and even start-ups that have invested in our machines in order to grow. These are important investments which, however, pay off in the medium to long-term thanks to a marked improvement in production performance. The benefits are innumerable and are measured in terms of: product quality, increased efficiency, continuity of production, and a reduction of costs. All of which are crucial assets that make companies competitive on the international market”.