After 60 years of experience in the production of machines and equipment for the gold industry, Lorenzato S.r.l. moved into the world of cosmetics, applying the same precision and detail-oriented care used in working with previous metals to this new sector.

One of the strengths of the Lorenzato company is continual innovation and research aimed at the planning and designing of machines and equipment that satisfy the needs of its clients and at the same time, are the result of a continuous and productive dialogue with those that have to use them on a daily basis.

The company has many patents in place to protect the continual innovation and research that it has overseen through the years.  

The relationship with a client doesn’t end after the installation of a machine but rather, continues with attentive after-sales service through training and consulting with the personnel assigned to using it.


This new adventure started around 20 years ago with the production of moulds for powders and eventually presses and powder blender mills.


In the last two years, with an eye on continual growth in the automation sector, Lorenzato amplified its production range with turbo emulsifiers for cream and fluid products. Soon, it’ll be offering its version of a front side injection machine for wet powders.

Marco Lorenzato is the sole managing director of the company that has its headquarters in Caldogno (VI) but that, through a well-developed sales network, has branched out internationally.

Like all businesses, has Lorenzato done the math post-lockdown?

Unfortunately, the situation that we’re currently experiencing hasn’t been kind to anyone and the immediate reflex result was an inevitable slowing of commercial activity.

The cancellation of one of the most important events in this sector, the Cosmopack fair in Bologna, temporarily put a hold on the possibility of getting more exposure for the company, especially in international markets.

It would have been the third year for us at the fair as exhibitors and unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone the opportunity to show our products to numerous interested clients coming from abroad. In the meantime, however, an online project is in the works to give our company greater visibility.


What changes were a result of the forced stop to activities?

Our way of communicating has always been based on direct and personal relationships with our clients.

The choice of prioritizing direct interaction with those that use our machines is a result of our desire to thoroughly understand the needs and particular requests linked to manufacturing in this industry. 

Given the current situation, at the moment, our commercial activities take place through our website, via e-mail or telephone and the usual meetings that we have with clients, technicians and workers have just been momentarily reduced.

Are you purposeful and proactive?

I would say so because the majority of requests that arrive from clients involve asking for solutions to problems regarding production to which we are able to give an answer, suggesting from time to time, specific changes or tips and tricks to optimize the manufacturing process.

There’s a continual dialogue?

Yes. From the moment we deliver and install the machine, it’s just the beginning of a collaborative relationship.

Not only. Our clients know that we don’t limit ourselves to just being simple suppliers but we become a valid partner for them that they can count on should they require assistance or consultation during the entire production process.

So, you provide personalized answers to personalized requests to provide a made-to-measure product?

Of course. Every particular request from a client is evaluated and if possible, met by making changes to the machine or to the equipment requested.

Any comments on the assistance and training of personnel who will then have to operate your machines?

Assistance and training of personnel to operate the machines is always guaranteed both by telephone and by technicians that are sent on site to provide both.

Training is done right from the moment of testing and installation of the machine.

After this, during maintenance visits, our technicians assist operators, answering any doubts or questions they may have regarding the use of our equipment.

Do you care about the environmental aspect?

Yes, of course! We develop machines with a low environmental impact, reducing to a minimum their energy consumption. 

All the machines are run by software that optimizes energy by shutting off automatically when they are not in use. Through the “energy saving” system, the machines optimize the absorption of energy according to the movements to be performed.