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More than make up is the latest foundations collection by MPlus, specialized in the creation, development, and manufacturing of third-party makeup.

Founded in 2002 as Mascara Plus, it became known throughout the world for its mascaras, considered amongst the most innovative and trendy. The feedback from the market and from brands was so positive that it allowed the company to grow exponentially.

In 2018, the company changed its name to MPlus to highlight its continual evolution and the launching of face and lip divisions. Its exclusive know-how allows for the perfect synergy between formula and packaging in the spirit of creativity, high quality, and speed. 

David Chant, CEO & founder MPlus

And success is immediate. David Chant, CEO and founder of MPlus talks to us about future projects, from the launch of a new line of foundations to the sustainability project started in 2018 that will engage the company for the next few years.

MPlus is especially known for its eye products, mascara being the first. A true must-have of the company. How did the idea to develop a line of foundations come about?

In truth, we’ve been working on other areas of the make-up world for some time, like lip products where we boast excellent expertise and have collaborated with some of the big global brands. We decided to increase our expertise in face products as well, with the idea being to reach the same level of excellence that we have with mascaras.

This new collection of foundation stands out thanks to its high quality and exceptional performance. In fact, the formulas are enriched with particular active ingredients from the skincare world that transform the foundations into “make-care” products. This is where the name of the collection More than make-up comes from.

Is More than make-up your first line of foundations?

No, we have other foundations in our catalogue that had good success on the market but More than make-up is surely a step up. Its performance is in fact, very high.

What are the features of these new foundations? Why did you choose to divide them up based on skin type?

The collection is comprised of 5 textures that are different and versatile at the same time. By inserting functional quantities of active ingredients that have beautiful histories (some come from antique medicine, others are must-haves from present day) and proven efficacy, we’re able to satisfy the needs of all skin types. The offerings are ample, also in terms of texture.

We go from textures that are very light and adjustable to more high coverage textures, presented in high-quality packaging that varies by shape and color. This is to highlight the attention that has been paid to the quality of the products and the overall image of the line.

Even the name choice was subject to immense research and attention because the name identifies the texture in combination with the packaging and the mood that it represents. 

more than make up

Will you reveal the names and the characteristics of the 5 new foundations of the More than make-up collection to us?

Certainly! More than make up is composed of: Beauty Power, Sheer Complexion, Skin Shield CC Cream, Urban Foundation and Instant Perfection. 

Let’s start with Beauty Power. Can you describe the key elements of this foundation to us?

Beauty Power, presented in a metallicized dropper, represents elegance. It’s characterized by long staying power, medium coverage, and a matte finish.

The formula contains a polyfunctional anti-aging active ingredient that prevents cell damage, protects from pollution, smooths micro-winkles and guarantees hydration. Completing the formula are Tiaré flowers, a marvelous medicinal plant from which the very fragrant monoi oil is obtained, giving a soothing effect and a burst of hydrating molecules that give skin a younger and smoother look.

more than make up

Sheer Complexion combines a lightweight feel with high coverage, masking imperfections and making the complexion more uniform. What active ingredients characterize this foundation?

Sheer Complexion, presented in an elegant, opaque glass bottle, is an incarnation of purity. Despite being light on the skin, it completely covers imperfections.

The soft-focus effect is guaranteed by the presence of silicon texturizing agents and chemically-treated pigments that result in a perfect complexion. An active ingredient with natural origins was inserted for healthy and radiant skin as it helps improve the micro-circulation in the skin’s uppermost layer, working on the skin’s tone and elasticity and increasing brightness. Finally, a cationic polymer works as a filler to smooth wrinkles and micro-wrinkles.

What can you tell us about Skin Shield CC Cream?

Skin Shield CC Cream is presented in a white airless jar. The texture is velvety and pleasing to the senses, it glides on the skin like a soft caress and is perfect for all skin types: normal to mixed, young and mature.

The formula contains a texturizing microemulsion that accentuates the pleasant sensations of the principal emulsion, further correcting skin’s imperfection and algae extract which grows in the depths of the seas that gives toning and firming action.

Fragrant white flowers rich with flavonoids and essential oils complete the formula, adding a calming effect for stressed, red, and mildly irritated skin.

Is it true that in the More than make-up collection there is also a foundation enriched with active ingredients that counter pollution and the effect of blue light?

Yes, that would be Urban Foundation, enriched with specific active ingredients that are anti-pollution and anti-blue light. It’s offered in a white, hexagonal bottle which represents determination. Its texture is light and it glides on easily without blocking pores. Thanks to its mattifying action, Urban Foundation is also indicated for young skin and skin that is acne prone. After application, skin is soft, well-hydrated, matte.

And for an immediate no-makeup look?

The answer is Instant Perfect. A black bottle with a double applicator that contains a product which symbolizes perfection and practicality.

The texture sets immediately, resulting in a “no-makeup” look that feels as if you’re not wearing foundation. It contains active ingredients obtained from berries used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years that are rich with natural components like vitamins, amino acids, polyphenols and minerals, and used for their energizing and anti-oxidant properties.

Thanks to the presence of natural antioxidants that stimulate cellular metabolic activities and fight against oxidative stress, the foundation acts like a true beauty elixir, preventing signs of aging and making skin more toned and compact.

more than make-up

Is it true that over the last few years, MPlus has invested a lot in its R&D division, significantly enhancing its workforce?

Yes, this is true. The company has grown from a headquarters of 1200 square meters and a dozen employees in 2012 to a new headquarters of 7000 square meters and over 110 employees in 2018. The R&D department was enhanced with formulators that bring with them significant experience in the lip and face sectors because the goal is to amplify our product portfolio.

And what we have done with this new foundation collection fully demonstrates our commitment in this direction. In fact, the collection is the fruit of hard work and collaboration between marketing and R&D to create an offering that could give immediate feedback in terms of quality perceived by the customer.

Among the company’s achievements, there are various certifications that are a testament to the company’s constant commitment to continual improvement. What are MPlus’s next challenges?

The next challenges have sustainability as a focus.

In 2018, we started on this theme and in 2019, we obtained ISO 14001:20015, the environmental certification. But our commitment doesn’t stop here: there are numerous projects that we have in the pipeline for the next few years.

For example, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It’s a pilot project created in collaboration with a prestigious Italian university which will initially be concentrated on a selected family of products. Then, in 2022, it will be to extended to other product lines. In 2023, we will kick off an industrial energy efficiency project and in 2025, we’ll work on sustainability of the entire industrial process. Last but not least: in 2024, we’ll focus on obtaining ISO 50001, Energy Management Systems.