BeauteaMatch was MakeUp In’s answer to the Covid-19 situation. While the pandemic forced physical events to be canceled or postponed, the operations team looked at new ways to meet – online of course – to continue the conversation within the beauty industry.

This was how BeauteMatch was created. A digital platform that is easy to use and constructed with the purpose of facilitating dialogue between requests and offers or in other words, between buyers and suppliers in the sector.

What’s BeauteaMatch? A trip around the world between major players and the latest and greatest innovations in the world of beauty with one key underlying factor. It’s all happening digitally.

Sandra Maguarian


To tell us how the platform came about and its results thus far is Sandra Maguarian, the co-founder and show director of MakeUp In and Clean Beauty.

“They are BtoB events specialized in beauty – skincare & makeup – where suppliers (such as OEM, ingredients, formulation, packaging and accessories suppliers ) working with legacy brands and indie brands are meeting once a year in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and London”, comments Sandra Maguarian, co-founder and director of the MakeUp in and Clean Beauty shows.


“Due to Covid19, we all have navigated through a tough time and all physical events except the one in Los Angeles early February and Shanghai in July have been postponed until 2021. Thus, we had to ask ourselves how we could maintain strong connections between brands and suppliers, despite the situation. We worked hard in a short time to find the best solution to reframe the way we project ourselves in the future while maintaining our set of values and offer the best opportunity for suppliers/manufacturers and brands to keep their business moving forward”.

The result? BeauteaMatch! It’s on-line since June with a lot of virtual exhibitors and visitors on the platform every single day. A conference serie available in replay is also part of the platform offer.



BeauteaMatch platform helps identify trends, consumer needs, innovations and the evolution of the beauty market through our collaboration with many global experts.

Knowing that, on suppliers side, production has never stopped, we featured in June the last innovations selected by our loyal jury of experts. More than 30 innovations have been identified thanks to the ever dynamic beauty industry. 


Since June more than 6,000 unique visitors (x1,5 Paris physical event) coming from a top ten countries such as France, USA, Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Italy, South Korea, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, have visited BeauteaMatch.

The exhibitors innovations is the most visited area. In September they will reveal the most innovation products from the MakeUp in NewYork exhibitors.

“Of course, the platform will never replace a physical event in the beauty industry, where all senses are stimulated – says Sandra Maguarian – but it will surely complete the offer and help keeping strong relationships between ourselves all year long”.