fast track

Delivery time? Four weeks from when an order is placed, throughout Europe. This is Fast Track, the business model developed by Albea. 

A business model that is perfectly suited for today’s market: constantly moving, characterized by continual product launches, increasingly reduced development times, and trends that are constantly evolving. In other words: a market where speed is the keyword. 

For a manufacturing company, what this all means is it must adapt its production process to quantities that are smaller than the traditional standards and at the same time, offer the quickest delivery times possible. In one word: Fast Track. With Fast Track, this is possible – ordering limited quantities with a guarantee of Albea’s high-quality standards.


Fast Track is a very versatile business model that can answer the demands of a diverse range of clients: from well-established brands that want to launch a limited edition, a seasonal or capsule collection, to indie brands that are focused on a new product. 

The model consists in ordering ‘small’ batches (from 1000 to 9000 tubes) that still boast all the characteristics of a typical large-scale production by Albea: constant innovation, ample selection, quality, and adherence to international standards, as well as to the Group’s political, social, and sustainability policies.

And this is all without forgetting about the possibility of customizing tubes: clients can choose between 8 different formats and between off-set printing and screen printing. This specific type of product is manufactured at the company’s location in Tortona, considered one of its most important. 


Fast Track albeaThanks to its commitment to the evolution of the market and its flexibility, Fast Track has also been adopted at the Cosmetic Rigid Packaging (CPR) division located in Bottanuco (BG).

In this case, the products in the spotlight are mascara and lipgloss.

For this type of packaging, the minimum quantities required are between 5000 and 25 000 pieces and also in this case, the selection is vast: clients can choose between 16 different mascaras (with fiber or plastic applicators), between 2 different lip glosses, and between hot stamping or screen printing.


Sustainability is one of the key principles for Albea. In 2019, Albea produced over 50 million tubes using post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

The amounts of PCR plastic (recovered from plastic bottles from the food industry) vary between a minimum of 28% and a maximum of 70% and its benefits are extremely worth noting: PCR allows for a 16% reduction in CO2 emissions. Translated into numbers, this means: for every million tubes produced in PCR, there’s 16 tons less CO2 released into the environment (to give a better idea, the equivalent of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by 16 return trips from Paris to New York City).

A green version is also available for mascaras with the tube produced from PCR and fiber applicator made with bio-based materials.