kit productions

Kit Productions combines industry know-how with reliability and technology. The company, with its headquarters located in Pessano con Bornago (Milan), can be found in the heart of Italy’s Cosmetic Valley.

It has been producing metal pans for the casting and compacting of cosmetic products since 1982.

Years of experience, along with flexible manufacturing and extensive knowledge in the sector have allowed Kit Productions to grow and establish itself in both the Italian market and internationally where it is recognized as a professional and reliable partner.


They offer an ample and varied range of products as one would expect from an ultra-specialized company.

More than 1000 different forms of pans in aluminum and tin are available in different colors and textures like smooth, ribbed, with undercut grooves as well as with customized lettering to meet every client’s need.



Continual innovation and research are the foundation of the manufacturing process at Kit Productions. They allow for large-scale production that results in a long-lasting and high-quality product.

It’s enough to take a look at the results of a Drop Test to understand just how durable these products are: they are impact and shock resistant. 

The ability to meet the growing needs of the market is also demonstrated in the company’s fast and punctual delivery times. In fact, Kit Productions is able to deliver in such a timely manner thanks to highly advanced machinery able to produce a high volume of pans in a very short amount of time.

Another distinguishing feature of the company is the quality it guarantees. Thanks to the high standard of quality of their molds, Kit Production ensures extreme reliability over time. In addition, to eliminate any kind of contamination by dust or any other particulate, the company offers an attentive and meticulous cleaning system.  

And if all this isn’t enough, Quality Control guarantees that supplies are always thoroughly checked before dispatching. A must for anyone in search of quality and performance. Strictly Made in Italy.