Adding to the two refillable solutions already in its collections, Vaso Licata and Vaso Refill, available in glass with an internal shell in polypropylene (PP), Eurovetrocap introduces the brand-new Refill Glass Airless to the range (in 15 and 30mL).

A practical and elegant packaging that allows the internal part made of PP to be replaced, repurchasing it separately for continual use while keeping the external glass component over time.

Being able to purchase the refill system which is comprised of a container and a plastic snap-on pump, completely free of metallic parts, increases both reliability and hygiene.

To complete the packaging, you can choose between two caps: one in lightweight PP for the refill component and a more elegant cap in PETG which, together with the glass container, can be kept for a long period of time and reused multiple times.


Customization couldn’t be left out for this packaging. In addition to the external glass, which can be decorated using classic processes (e.g. screen printing, hot stamping, varnishing …), the internal part can also be personalized with master colors to make your Airless Refill Glass unique.

“Refill airless glass? SUSTAINABLE, ELEGANT, SMART”

Why choose a refillable solution?

With this packaging type, not only can the components be easily separated and recycled appropriately, but the use of an airless refill solution allows for a dramatic reduction in the environmental impact of a product.

refillThis is substantiated by a study conducted in collaboration with Bocconi University in Milan. The environmental impact model predicted that the use of refillable systems, even just twice (the first purchase of the full bottle, followed by 2 purchases of just the refill system) reduces on average more than 50% of the 19 impact parameters analyzed.

Among those considered were, for example, climate change, with a reduction of 47%, the thinning of the ozone layer (-55%), and water eutrophication (-52%).

An eco-friendly packaging that respects the environment where the elegance of glass and the practicality of a refill system are combined with innovative airless technology. Functionality, elegance, and sustainability meet beauty.