Eyes are the new way to smile and it’ll be mascara that amplifies it and makes it magical.  Finding ways around the use of masks, now worn by millions of women facing the Covid pandemic, M:Plus Cosmetics, the Inzago (Milano)-based company is already ready to follow the trends: super colorful eyeshadows to express personality that are also bright to open up the look of eyes. The main focus will surely be on lashes that have to be super voluminous, long, and defined so the preference will be an all-in-one mascara, enriched with ingredients that help to hydrate and strengthen lashes when it is used.


Therefore, we will have to focus everything on the eyes and this also signals the return of colored mascaras: from electric blue to fuchsia. The more unique the color, the better.

There’s also another fundamental aspect: eyebrows. Bold but defined is trending. So “yes” to cream-based products that are tinted, volumizing, and obviously long-lasting. Also in this case, the demand is increasing for multifunctional products, for example serums that help thicken and strengthen brows and once again, M:Plus Cosmetics is ready.

David Chant – CEO M:PLUS

The market has inevitably changed but this didn’t catch the staff at M:Plus Cosmetics off-guard. This is all thanks to the 18 years of experience gained by this company which has Italian DNA and an international drive. It is a third-party manufacturer founded by David Chant and is specialized in the creation, development, and production of make-up. For 18 years, the company has been developing strategic relationships with the biggest names in the world of beauty and the entire supply chain, offering its clients a complete range of services. In continual growth since its creation, M:Plus Cosmetics is constantly evolving, enriching its exclusive know-how in finding the perfect synergy between formula and packaging for the face, eyes, and lips sector. The company is always in search of creativity, high quality, and is dedicated to being quick to market.


M:Plus Cosmetics is inevitably looking into the future with long-term goals and optimism, acknowledging that during the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, requests from clients had to be postponed due to physical stores being closed. However, the company is convinced that a return to normality is impending, the staff at M:Plus Cosmetics is certain of it: “In the same moment, we’ve had two factors that can transform a negative period into opportunity: the first is that our clients used our online sales channels even before the emergency and obviously this made things easier both for them and consequently for us. The second is that M:Plus is a leader in prestige eye products; eyes are the only part of the face not covered by masks and where, in a short amount of time, all brands will be concentrating on. Contact with clients and continuous follow-up for projects was never interrupted”.

From a financial point of view, M:Plus had (and continues to have) some revenue repercussions and payment extension requests, in particular from European clients.

“We’ve nonetheless been able to sustain our working capital and to once again confirm our mutual partnerships with our suppliers, ensuring our deadlines are met”.

This emergency, however, has also had some positive effects in accelerating plans that M:Plus Cosmetics had the intention of implementing for all its collaborators, one of which was smart-working (working from home). “We had started this new way of working from a distance even before the emergency, but Covid-19 abruptly sped up this project that has become best-practice at M:Plus”.

This is a company ahead of its time, so much so that a couple years ago it had embraced the philosophy of lean manufacturing and hence has even further established continual improvement and a commitment to never stopping. All this, thanks to a close-knit management team, led by CEO David Chant.