Delta Service Automation, a leader in Automatic Labelling Machines, was founded in 1991 as Delta Service Point in Bresso, just a few kilometers from Milan, to assist the clients of Avery Etichette Italia (Avery Labels Italy).

A year later when Avery closed, Delta Service Point decided to create the first “Made in Delta” labelling machine and the DLM-31 was born. The 31 in the name indicates the machine’s capabilities: a speed of 30m/min and a label width of 100mm.

In the years following, Delta Service Point was non longer focused on assistance but rather on the manufacturing of labelling machines and labelling lines. And as such changed its name to Delta Service and moved to Monza where it began the production of Labelling Solutions at an international level.


With the important passing of ownership to the Lena family in 2001, the company changed its name to Delta Service Automation to highlight its new direction being continually more focused on Industrial Automation. In 2006, the Company moved to a headquarters of over 1000 m2 in Vaprio d’Adda at the border of the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, and Monza Brianza in the heart of Italy’s Cosmetic Valley.

That’s when the company decided to enhance its offerings with new products and services. Adding to its solutions of labelling, transport belts, packaging lines, automatic and manual lot encoders, Delta Service Automation looked to new solutions able to step up the processes of identification and labelling along the supply chain: thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) systems, CO2 laser and fiber laser technology, Markem-Imaje inkjet and thermal-inkjet for the world of labelling, thermal transfer printers for CAB and NOVEXX labels, label editors like Codesoft and NiceLabel, and for any non-existent products, Delta Service Automation creates them.


The company has a precise goal: to offer solutions that fit the needs of clients and that can add value to their business. Who are these clients? Companies active in the production, packaging, and shipping worlds.


2018 saw the turn to green. The company presented a very innovative and sustainable product on the market: the flexible Flowpack BIO-PLASTIC Ready that can work with “home & industry compostable” certified cellulose film ideal to satisfy the needs of the cosmetic market in search of functional and sustainable solutions.

The Company represents a reliable partner able to supply its clients with complete service. From development of made-to-measure solutions to implementation, support, and maintenance of machines. Trusting Delta Service Automation also means a guarantee of precise, punctual, and fast support thanks to its well-established, long-standing presence on the market.