In the beginning, there was the “lipstick index”, a term coined 20 years ago by Leonard Lauder, the CEO of the brand Estée Lauder at the time, to link the unexplainable surge in lipstick sales with a year of economic recession.  It describes behavior stemming from a psychological mechanism that pushes customers to find immediate gratification and comfort in the purchasing of a consumer good. Covid effectively annihilated this theory seeing as more masks (and hence, more difficulty on the health and economic front) equaled fewer sales of lip products. Now, the efforts of manufacturers and the entire supply chain which revolves around the most iconic makeup product, are aimed at changing course again: masks off and the pandemic overcome, we’ll be back to showing off our smiles. At that point, lipstick will once again be indispensable and sought after, not as an object of consolation, but as a symbol of newfound identity. That’s what Team Beauty is hoping for, a primary packaging company located in Ronco Briantino (Monza) that, in preparation for post-Covid recovery, is working on a new gloss flaconette: FP32 Smile.


We strongly believe in this new product that has an innovative design concept for us – affirms Emanuele Bonanomi, CEO and founder of Team Beauty -. More elegant, competitive, and price-sensitive, it’s destined for all types of markets: mass, mastige, and prestige, thanks to its versatility of application, and the possibility of being easily customizable”. The characteristics that set FP32 Smile apart from other flaconette lie especially in its unique shape: “The design is compact, aesthetically-pleasing, able to capture the attention of the consumer and offers complete one-click closure. Its applicator (dipstick) is transparent and the flaconette itself has thick walls with a pronounced neck that functions as an inner air chamber giving a better seal. The flaconette has a filling capacity of about 6mL (up to the base of the neck), while the extension of the neck prevents product weight loss. This packaging has been studied to facilitate product use and to provide a satisfying user experience. Particular attention is given to materials. The flaconette can be molded in PP, PETG, GREEN and customized with new generation decorations and finishes. The flocked AL26 Gressoney applicator (patented by Team Beauty) is offered together with the FP32 Smile packaging which is completely Made in Italy, resulting in a winning combination”.

Design compatto, estetica attrattiva, capace di catturare l’attenzione del consumatore, e chiusura totale con un click. Ecco le caratteristiche della nuova flaconette di Team Beauty
Emanuele Bonanomi, CEO & Founder di Team Beauty

Thanks to its versatility of use, FP32 Smile is ideal for concealers, mascaras, eyeliners, and gloss…The real challenge that motivated Team Beauty to create this product comes from the world of lip products, in particular glosses, that experienced a dramatic setback in 2020. “The time to act has arrived and to respond to new market requests that are coming back, ready to breathe in a breath of fresh air full of optimism and positive energy – the glimmers of which can be seen – affirms Bonanomi-. Naturally, before arriving at the manufacturing stage of this new product, we carried out market analysis and given the results, asked ourselves: why not try? We want to take part in this challenge encouraging new consumer behaviors, we’re laying the foundation for a new future…for a new Smile”.


FP32 Smile will be produced starting September, “We can produce small batches, our minimum order quantity is five thousand pieces- explains the CEO, highlighting how this is another plus to keep in consideration. Manufacturing times will be fast: in the span of 8-10 weeks, we can guarantee delivery thanks to a new machine purchased specifically for the production of the FP32 Smile”.

Smile with the FP32 Smile by Team Beauty.