A mission for Team Beauty that takes the name Togetherness: the company specialized in packaging becomes partner of the project.

It’s one of the key elements which is part of the company’s calling card, along with flexibility and the ability to respond in record time to the needs of clients. The latter has become necessary now more than ever in order to keep up with a market that is continually changing at a fast pace. 


Valentina Longo, consultant and Marketing Director for Team Beauty, sums it all up: “Today more than ever, the world is evolving and assisting with a change in habits, needs, and new challenges. In contrast to this crisis situation, a great sense of re-birth and desire to take action is taking shape. Team Beauty completely shares this feeling and wants to contribute to its growth, fully supporting brands whether they be rising or already well-established, and sharing their goals without creating any barriers. On the contrary, we aim to offer solutions to help them become even more visionary.

We strongly believe in the importance of Made in Italy quality, but just as much in responsiveness, speed, and adaptability, in a world where diversity and time-to-market are the cornerstones to success for makeup brands. Hence what we define “Tailor made attitude”: our attitude to giving our clients – who for us, are partners – service that is tailored to them specifically like a handmade dress, whatever their measurements, size, or vision might be”.



This is all made possible by the attention given to the production side of things, where quality and assortment are crucial: mascaras, eyeliners, lip glosses, lipsticks, chubby formats, beauty cases, bottles.

Not only. The company also boasts a total of fourteen machines including presses, extrusion blow molding, injection molding, and stretch-blow molding.


“We are aware – comments Emanuele Bonanomi, the soul of the company – that client satisfaction and reaching results that we’ve obtained have been possible thanks to the willingness, flexibility, and quality that make Team Beauty a reliable partner”.

In Team Beauty there are not any pyramid-like organizational structures, hierarchies, or procedural impediments, rather, there exists a singular synergy with everyone working at the same level, playing a role to meet a shared goal. “This is our reality, our way of working within the company that today we also extend outwardly, involving the client and inviting them into our ‘togetherness’, into our union, our system. It’s team work to win the game together”. A strategy that, up to today, has proven effective: 5 million euros in revenue established in just a few years with constant double-digit growth year after year. 


Team Beauty- a company that has made its strengths, built over time with dedication, a strong foundation to stand on. Last but not least, to demonstrate the company’s awareness towards the environment, they offer the possibility to make all their packaging with green plastics and have reorganized production processes in order minimize resources consumed.