MPlus Cosmetics is a contract manufacturer based in Inzago (Milan), specialized in the creation, development and manufacturing of color cosmetics.

MPlus Cosmetics was founded in 2002 by David Chant. Italian by blood and international by vocation, today MPlus Cosmetics is an important reference point for third-party cosmetics. In fact, the company guarantees the best beauty solutions by harnessing the perfect synergy between formula and packaging. Non only. MPlus Cosmetics, after all, combines the deepest know-how in formulations with 100% Made in Italy fiber brush production.

MPLus cosmetics


A distinctive trait and strength of the company is the total control given to the client and also the possibility to personalize the product by pinpointing the best combination of formula and applicator, offering extremely high performance and resulting in unique solutions.

A team comprised of highly-specialized experts constantly works in synergy with the goal of:

  • developing innovative product solutions,
  • foreseeing and generating beauty trends,
  • inspiring clients with out-of-the-box concepts,
  • transforming ideas into trailblazing and successful products. 

“mplus combines know-how in formulations with italian fiber brush production”

MPLUs cosmetics


Founded initially as a producer of mascaras, the company started to establish itself on the market with other make-up products, with particular attention given to face and also lip products.

Currently present in over 40 markets with a particularly strong presence on the American and European markets, the company has 90% of its total turnover abroad. MPlus continues to look to the future with a focus on growth, investing in the training of personnel, lean manufacturing projects, and partnerships with suppliers as well. It’s the people that are the core of MPlus Cosmetics and in which the company is a firm believer in. It’s the people that represent the future of the company. MPlus is looking forward to seeing you at Cosmopack 2020, Hall 15, B2_A. Don’t miss it!