jan dekker

Jan Dekker is a brand that belongs to the IMCD Group, a leader in the sales, marketing, and distribution of specialty chemicals and ingredients. Thanks to a portfolio of high-quality products, full technical and regulatory support, and immense experience providing made-to-measure solutions for the world of food and personal care, Jan Dekker has earned a significant place on the market, becoming synonymous with “ethical and knowledgeable choices”.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s pillars. Through its operations, and in particular, through checking material sourcing, where they come from, and the organization of the supply chain, the brand wants to actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations.

In addition to prioritizing ingredients that guarantee optimal performance with a low environmental impact, Jan Dekker is committed to conserving biodiversity and ethical sourcing, aiming to use fair trade ingredients and ingredients derived from upcycling processes. A prime example of Jan Dekker’s philosophy is shown in their vegetable oils and butters, the sourcing of which is often done in collaboration with customers.


Protection of biodiversity is among the brand’s priorities, which translates into the use of products coming from an intact rainforest where the communities actively preserve the area, keeping its original state, avoiding deforestation or fire. A series of products by Jan Dekker coming from Brazil and Asia, satisfy these criteria. The Gold of Pleasure oil, for example, is cultivated in marginal terrain at risk of desertification, creating opportunities by attracting necessary insect life to the area. In addition, the brand avoids using palm trees in favor of other plants that can be grown in moderate climates.


Jan Dekker endeavors to use products that have a positive impact on the livelihood of poorer communities or the economical independence of women (see SDG 1 and 5). As such, a range of “Fair for Life” certified products has been created, a fair trade certification program.


Many products have a series of food by-products as their raw material, which optimizes the conscious use of natural resources. In the case of oils, we can talk about upcycling. Tocomix L70-IP (organic) CO is an excellent example of the upcycling process in which a flux of food “wastes” is converted into effective and high-performing ingredients (with reference to SDG 12).


Focusing on performance without forgetting about its commitment to sustainability, Jan Dekker is on the hunt for products that offer further health benefits (SDG 3) that have a low environmental impact (SDG 12 and 14). Cooperation with suppliers and the creation of a long-term collaboration represent key elements in reaching these goals.

Many projects have been put in place to maximize the SDGs: from the introduction of a monitoring system in line with the Code of Conduct to the support of suppliers with stocking conditions for raw materials, processes, and legislation.



An example of the brand’s philosophy is represented by Jan Dekker’s Dekamulen Power’Feel, a polymeric emulsifier that recently received the bronze medal in the Functional category at the In-Cosmetics Asia Awards.

Dekamulen Power’Feel is a natural derived cellulose-based emulsifier offering optimal emulsifying performance (up to 20%-30% of oil) and can be utilized with a broad range of emollients.

Silky but not sticky, it can also be used in cold processes, offering a pleasing sensory experience. High performing (it’s used in concentrations from 1-1.5%), easy to use, and with high spreadability, Dekamulen Power’Feel is the ideal solution to formulate all kinds of emulsions, especially light and fluid textures such as face creams, face serums (skincare) & BB creams. In addition, its low color pigmentation means there is no impact on the color of the final product.